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Hey y’all, welcome to the new site layout!  It’s Novelty and I’m stoked that I get to do another guest review here.  To be honest though, I also come into this review with a lot of trepidation – Poesters are a scary lot and may eat me up alive if I don’t live up to their expectations and such, so please be gentle, ‘k?
Kilowog from movie poster
Kilowog in ComicsKilowog is the trainer of the Green Lantern Corps new recruits.  He’s from Bolovax Vik, located in Space Sector 674.  He roughly resembles an anthromophic upright-standing hippotamus, towering over everyone else and is always depicted to have vast strength thanks to his physique.  Of course, as a member of the Green Lantern Corps (GLC), he also has his ring which could manifest any construct he could imagine.

His name is interesting.  Kilo, of course, is greek and means a thousand.  It’s present in the English language as part of the metric system (e.g. kilogram, kilometer, etc.).  Wog, is also an English word, although it’s a colloquial British word which has derogatory connotations.  It means a poor non-white foreigner, and survives into the modern era in such words as polliwog and golliwog.  It’s not really politically correct and is rarely used these days.  So Kilowog then, means that he’s a thousand-fold alien, an apt name.  And there ends my English lesson!

Packaging: Kilowog is a Collect and Connect figure and does not have his own packaging.  His parts are distributed across the six different figures of DCUC’s Wave 11.  The seventh figure (which also has a variant version) contains a stand for Kilowog.

Construction: Kilowog consists of seven different parts and has to be assembled to become a complete figure.  Mattel could have printed “Some assembly required” as a disclaimer somewhere on the packaging for the figure, but that’s just a minor quibble.  The torso and the groin connects securely and the limbs are easily plugged into the respective hexagonal orifices on the trunk of the figure.  The head has the typical Mattel ball joint and also plugs in easily.

Design & Sculpt: At first glance, Kilowog just seems to be a bigger DCUC figure.  He does have unique parts though including the head, upper torso, and the fistd right hand which contains his ring.  Overall the sculpt gives Kilowog a rather helfy look – solid and built like a brick.  That is indeed how he should look.  The face sculpt is scary, and is a very good representation of a hippopotomus humanoid.  The extension of the wrinkled skin to his shoulders gives the figure a very realistic look.  His arms are sculpted with veins running through the muscle.  There are some ugly joint lines on the arms of my figure though which is a distraction to the aesthetics.  Being a Green Lantern, Kilowog has his ring sculpted onto his fist.  That’s a nice little detail there, and it is detailed as the ring is faithful to one of the versions of the Green Lantern ring.

Paint & Plastic: The figure does not have a complicated design and the paintwork is generally good due to the simplicity of the figure.  The paintwork on the head is exceptionally well done and gives the head an almost slimy lifelike look with the green veins just under the skin visible.  Sadly, the detail is not continued onto the shoulder, which is just painted a dull reddish-brown that does not even matches with the shade of brown used on his face.  The paintwork around the ring is also a bit too “thick” on my figure, but that’s probably because the ring is such a delicate yet complicated feature to paint in the first place.  The Corps logo is nicely tampographed on his chest.

Articulation: Kilowog a ball jointed head, hinged-ball jointed shoulders and hips, a twist waist and twist wrists and hinged elbows, abs, knees and ankles.  The elbow joints on my figures were too hard – I was almost afraid that I might break the arms when manipulating these hinge joints.  The waist joint is a lot looser than I would like.  However, thanks to Kilowog’s heft, this isn’t too much of an issue.  I’d have like hinged ball joints for his wrists as well, as he’s a “ring-swinger”, but that would probably have added way too much to the cost to “logistically” allow Mattel to do the figure.

Accessories: Kilowog has no accessories.  The stand from Steppenwolf could also be used for Kilowog.  The ring constructs that comes with the other GLC figures will not fit on Kilowog, due to his bigger size.  One will probably have to depend on third-party customisers to provide the ring construct effects for Kilowog.  However, I don’t know of any available at the present.

The other thing I do wish for (since I’ve been spoilt by Revoltech, and to a lesser degree Trap Jaw and Roboto from MotUC) are alternate hands.  The fists are fine and all, but sometimes I just wish I could give him less angry normal hands.

Quality Control: I have no complaints with the figure other than the less than perfect paintwork and the ugly mold lines as already mentioned.

Overall: I like the figure overall.  He brings a different dimension to the DCUC Green Lantern display thanks to his size.  He literally stands heads and shoulders above the rest of the rest of the Corps.  I must confess that I only got the entire wave because I wanted to have a more impressive GLC display on my shelf and Kilowog fits the bill nicely.

I’m only giving him 3 ravens though because of the QC issues and also because of the lack of accessories.  He could have used a few accessories instead of the stand that came with the Steppenwolves.

[raven 3]


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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys. Thinkor, you could read my thoughts on toys on my blog at


    Loved the review! I wish Mattel's initial plan to release the 3rd wave of GL Classics which would included a reissue of this Kilowog have materialized. Retails didn't want it 🙁 or so I heard…Anyhow, I hope to see your reviews more often 🙂

  3. fengschwing

    Great job Novelty!

  4. misterbigbo

    I really liked the review. I am always interested to see how BAFs come out, comparing them to the regular figures in a line. Thanks!

  5. darren

    Great review. I was really very happy with the way that the BAF Kilowog turned out. There is one thing that I don't understand though. Why didn't Mattel skip the generic stand in this wave? A power battery would have been a logical accessory for big K.

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