Happy Clawful Day!

OK, the phrase “happy Clawful day” sounds kind of funny–like “have a happy awful day!” Heheheh…sigh. Some days you’re just not on.

Anyway, today is the day you can get your own Animal Clawful action figure. Also on sale:

  • Buzz-Off
  • JLU Stripe
  • DCUC Super Powers Stands

And don’t forget the massive All-Star sale!


  •     6″ Ray Stantz Figure
  •     6″ Winston Zeddemore Figure (with trap)
  •     6” Peter Venkman Figure
  •     6” Egon Spengler Figure (with PKE Meter™)
  •     6” Walter Peck Figure
  •     12” Peter Venkman Figure
  •     12″ Egon Spengler Figure
  •     12″ Ray Stantz Figure
  •     12” Winston Zeddemore Figure

Masters of the Universe Classics

  •     He-Man Figure
  •     Skeletor Figure
  •     Battle Cat Figure
  •     Zodak Figure
  •     Hordak Figure
  •     Trap Jaw Figure
  •     Evil-Lyn Figure
  •     Panthor Figure
  •     She-Ra Figure

DC Universe

  •     Darkseid & Kalibak 2-Pack
  •     JLU Parademon 2-Pack
  •     12” General Zod
  •     12” Superman
  •     12” Lex Luthor
  •     6” Superman

How chaotic will the sale be? Only your Matty knows for sure! But Battle Cat, Zodak, Hordak, and Trap Jaw on the same day just screams “White Screen of Doom” to me.



Pic of the Day > The Merciless Patriot by Ross Acevedo


Ask Mattel > Answers for July 15


  1. megaduceflare

    The second item to sell-out on the All-Star page is the 6" Winston Zeddemore.

  2. megaduceflare

    This is odd. The listing for the He-Man figure is gone.

    And I don't mean he's sold out on the sale page, I mean the actual product page for him is (as of this post) gone from the MattyCollector store.

    Aside from that crazy mishap of modern technology, everything but Panthor (& at least for the moment, He-Man) is still available.

    *Sunday, July 17, 4:10 PM EDT*

    And now the listing for He-Man is back.

  3. stack32

    I too have found that the availability of Scarabus and his variants is making money for MOTUC much more scarce.

  4. clark

    I've been waiting for this day for months now. Clawful was meant to be my final MOTUC purchase until Fisto was released. So I've been waiting and reading all of the great early reviews. Now this day has finally come, and I've decided he isn't worth the $31 plus two weeks of waiting.
    The fact that the horsemen have just released Scarabus may or may not have something to do with that decision…

  5. Battle Catman

    Damn! I thought I'd be able to skip this month. The All Star sale came out of nowhere.

    I ended up ordering Trap Jaw and a basic He-Man.

  6. I already have a Clawful coming by sub so I just picked up some "Super Powers" stands for my five DC figures: Superman, Lex Luthor, Hawkman, and Aquaman from the DCUC Vs. MOTUC and My DCUC Beast Boy. It was no trouble and I already had or was not interested in anything they had on the site today.

  7. Wasn't the Mego Style Kyle Rayner suppose to drop this month?

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