New MOTUC Subscription Info: Damage Control or Ill-Advised Gag?

In  an intriguing (and annoying) twist, the MOTUC subscription page has now been updated with an entirely different line-up. Spoilers(?) after the jump.

  • Purchase a membership to Club Eternia for $20 and you’re guaranteed to receive all of the monthly Masters of the Universe Classics figures released during the year. You’ll also receive club-exclusive Sorceress and an all-new bonus map poster of The Horde Empire!
  • Starting January 2012, you are automatically shipped the Club Eternia Monthly Figure every month for a total of twelve months (January through December). For 2012, you will also be shipped four beast figures or multi-packs and four character variant figures at various intervals throughout the year. You are billed as figures ship. Figures revealed to date are Frosta (January), Clamp Champ (February) and Rattlor (March). The biggest large scale beast revealed to date is Granamyr.

Making the Sorceress an incentive figure is even worse than Shadow Weaver.

Whether this was planned from the beginning or damage control to cover up last night’s “leak,” if we don’t get every single figure mentioned in both “leaks” in 2012, Mattel will be richly deserving of any and all nerd-rage.

To be honest, last night’s “leak” did seem a little odd to me, as I seem to remember that previously they’ve posted the subscription without naming any specific character names (even for the sub exclusive), and then after the Mattypalooza panel they would add the names to the subscription page. So, maybe this was planned. But even if it was, I sure hope they wouldn’t taunt fans with Shadow Weaver if they don’t have the Filmation rights. There are some who would call those the actions of a douchebag.

Kind of funny, though. Anyway, now that this has happened, I’m sufficiently annoyed to not pay any more attention until we get an official announcement. So, good job, Mattel, I guess?


Big Kev’s Stolen Stuff


SDCC Preview Night Pics


  1. Mario

    Here's a pic that should put this junk to rest;

    • By being obviously fake, you mean? 🙂

    • Mario

      Not sure I'm catching your drift Poe… Are you referring to the pic in the link, or the whole "leak" on Mattycollector?

    • The one in the pic is definitely fake. I think they're all fake, except maybe the very first one.

    • Mario

      Actually Poe, don't bother answering thatlast post, as I've just read your latest odds & ends.

      Seems funny to me though that they'd print up a fake list like that. The photo was obviously taken at Mattel's booth. Kinda irks me that they'd mess around like that, if indeed it's fake.

  2. magneto76

    I'm digging the Voltron stuff they're showing now. Having the pilots look perfect AND fit inside the lions is totally awesome!!!

  3. Replicant

    I hope Sorceress isn't the club exclusive but then it's all about selling subscriptions. We'll just have to wait and see.

  4. Snarf! Snarf!

    I think they are bogus… Weaver and Sorceress as sub exclusives could backfire on Mattel.

  5. Newton Gimmick

    Meh I'll just wait for concrete info. This stuff is confusing. I really want to see the Voltron stuff. I think Voltron is going to become my line.

  6. This is hilarious and great with it only being SDCC preview night. Anything from matty yet? Twitter, FB, or forums?

  7. It's possible Mattel is locked into a contract with Digital River.

    • Mario

      I certainly believe that they're indeed locked in a contract, & that, the moment said contract is up, well, bye bye DR. As for the sub info, I'd preach patience here folks, as the info sounds rather bogus. No way in hell does Mattel make Sorceress or Shadow Weaver an exclusive. No F'n way. Say what you will about Mattel, but Scott simply isn't that stupid.

    • Southzen

      I don't put anything past Mattel as a business; their only concern is the number one rule of business 'increasing owners wealth'. If making either Sorceress or Shadow Weaver the exclusive makes Mattel believe it can sell more subscriptions; therefore, more money, guess what? It doesn't seem right by some us, but unfortunately, that is the way of business. They have seen the amount of mistreatment the fans have received from DR and kept coming back for more; I doubt they'll think twice about pushing the fan base themselves.

  8. Valo487

    But Mattel hired DR and continues to support them, despite the universal negative reaction they have elicited from fans and industry professionals alike. You get what you pay for.

  9. PhigmentSuicide

    It's not really Mattel's fault, and they don't really deserve any backlash from any of this… this info was NOT supposed to be released yet, and it's digital river that should be on the receiving end of the rage that follows…

    • Barbecue17

      But who continues to employ Digital River and use them after many, many mishaps and mistakes in the past?

      If you answered "Mattel" then you are correct!

    • I'd argue that, given DR's long, long run of f***ups, Mattel should not even have given them the information about the sub until after the panel.

  10. they are just going to reveal all this stuff in a couple days anyway. Why not do it now?!?

  11. It did seem kinda strange to me that Shadow Weaver was the club incentive figure… thats pretty much breaking with the pattern of the last two club figures. But I just thought, "oh, cool." thinking maybe there would be some sort of clause or something about doing a low produced run of her. But doing Sorceress? That doesn't seem right at all. Getting our hopes up about Clamp Champ, Rattlor, and Granamyr… to try and cover up a screw up by spreading disinformation is not how to handle it it all.

  12. Thomas B

    Meh I am not bothered either way but Mattel sure has caused a nerd uproar lol

  13. Thomas b

    Meh I am not bothered either way but Matteo sure has cause a nerd uproar lol

  14. I just want to know which figure I have to pay bucketloads for on ebay because I'm not getting a sub again. No, I can't have it! Must.. resist…

  15. The word douchebag comes to mind…

  16. Valo487

    Oh, and if it does end up being something else entirely, both Group A and B are going to be mad they got their hopes up. Well done Matty, you’ve done it again.

  17. Valo487

    They’ve really screwed up no matter what happens. They’re going to have three groups of people whenever the real figures are announced, Group A who liked the first list better, Group B who liked the second list better, and Group C who wanted something else entirely. Only Mattel could create the opportunity for such backlash before they’ve ever even shown anything.

  18. André

    I really liked the first model, with the Sorceress in January, not a exclusive…

  19. PhigmentSuicide

    It's gotta be damage control, they even removed the Voltron pages.

  20. That is indeed much worse, because demand would drive that figure way up on the secondary market, way more than the first choice, I'm willing to bet.

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