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  • Mattel announced its 2012 subscriptions: Club Eternia, Club Ecto-1, and the new Club Lion Force. (Is anyone else kind of amazed that Club Ecto-1 is still going?) Anyway, the Club Eternia sub includes a $60 item, and there’s a lot of speculation as to what that is. Many are suggesting Granamyr, though personally I’m hoping for Tyrantisaurus Rex. (Remember, vehicles–such as the Battle Ram–won’t be included in the subscription.) A three-figure army builder pack, or some sort of multi-part figure like Modulok, is also possible.
  • Mattel allegedly has five big MOTU-related announcements at SDCC…at least I think it’s five, I’ve lost track. Many people are assuming Mattel will announce the Filmation rights, though Toyguru has tried to tamp those rumors down. While Filmation rights would definitely be the shot in the arm this line needs, I can’t say I’m that certain we’ll see them. It also leaves four other announcements.
  • I’m trying to decide how to cover SDCC this year. What would you guys like? Up-to-the-second links to other people’s coverage and pics (since I’m not there), reflective posts on reveals, or both?
  • Don’t forget, you’ll be able to order all the TRU exclusives, including the Faker/Bizarro pack, on TRU’s website. It’s not clear when exactly items will become available, aside from “when the show starts,” so I’d recommend checking that page frequently.
  • So what are you most excited about at this year’s SDCC? It can be toy-related or otherwise. Personally I’m curious what new reveals we’ll get regarding Batman Arkham City, if any–perhaps a new character? I’m hoping for Nightwing in the challenge modes, at least.


Batman Arkham City Collector’s Edition is not vengeance, is not the night


Club Infinite Earths – a DCUC subscription?


  1. Nicholai

    I'm just throwing this out there again, but if anyone picks up that Bizarro/Faker two-pack just for Faker I'd gladly take the Bizarro off your hands for my DCUC collection. I already have Faker and don't want a second, but I could use a Bizarro.

  2. Valo487

    I’m curious to see what they show for DCUC. I’m seriously considering selling my collection except for the Batman characters, but I’m waiting to see if anything upcoming gets me more excited about the line, but it’d have to be something awesome to take away the bad taste of the shoddy QC and ridiculous pricetag, aside from the snipe hunt that finding them in stores usually is.

  3. dayraven

    i'm w/ ben.

  4. ero

    "… the shot in the arm this line needs …"

    What makes you say that?

  5. Ben

    As someone who once tried up-to-the-minute coverage for Toy Fair, DEFINITELY go for editorial and reflective. I love reading about details that I don't necessarily pick up on from pictures alone. It's already what helps define your website.

    However, as new things are revealed, you might as well link to various albums on your Twitter page!

  6. I'm not renewing my Matty sub this year. Too sick of being stuck with a bunch of characters I don't want that I lose money on when I sell them. If I'd have broken even then that would have been totally fine.

  7. I appreciate the coverage that's reflective and editorial. There's lots of sites to get up to the minute coverage, but rarely do any of them take the time to discuss and comment on what's seen. I like when a site reports from a collectors point of view, rather than just a website that throws up pictures every few minutes and then drops any kind of coverage or review once the con is over. In essence, I think most of us would rather read your thoughts on the reveals rather than just bulletpoint lists of what's new.

  8. misterbigbo

    I like reading your reflections and interpretations, but they also serve to inform me about stuff I don’t have the time or ability to find on the web. Any coverage is good coverage.

    And I’ll be really disappointed if I can’t get my hands on Battle Armor Faker.

  9. Sephron13

    Regarding SDCC coverage, I enjoy reading your thoughts on these things, so I’d appreciate that myself. This may be my first post here, but I really dig your site, been coming here for a while. Follow you on Twitter too. Keep up the great work Poe.

  10. Anyone know is the Revenge of the Jedi set will be available for sale post SDCC on hasbrotoyshop.com?

    • It should be available on Hasbrotoyshop in limited quantities the Monday after SDCC, along with the other Hasbro SDCC exclusives, but if past is prologue it will be very small quantities and sell out extremely quickly.

    • Like seconds quickly. Oh and they go up completely randomly!

  11. Mecha-Shiva

    Castle Grayskull playset?

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