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  • The Entertainment Earth/TRU exclusives are now on sale on the TRU website–here’s the link. HOWEVER: Rodimus is already sold out, and the Bizarro vs. Faker pack isn’t listed, apparently because it “missed the boat.” That’s what my pal at SDCC was told by the booth operators. Whether that means it will show up later in the ‘con, or not for another three to five weeks, is not something I know.
  • Mattel posted another MOTUC list. This one seems pretty obviously fake–Zombie Randor? Gwildor? Lodar? And Slime Pit He-Man as the exclusive, when we’ve been told the sub exclusive isn’t a He-Man variant?–but the odd thing is that one redacted bit after Sweetbee. Who redacts a fake list? Anyway, I have some limited knowledge of what may or may not be coming down the pike for the rest of 2011, and this doesn’t square with that at all, so I’m calling this fake.
  • There’s a “Project Photog” sticker next to Captain Glenn in the Mattel display case, including the names of the astronauts on the flight. The two that stick out to me are Mason–obviously a reference to Major Matt Mason, who, btw, would be an awesome MOTUC figure–and Bitner, a reference to Nathan Bitner, creator of Fearless Photog (who, until the lists popped up recently, was the frontrunning rumor for the 2012 sub exclusive).
  • NECA had most of its Evil Dead II line on display. There are three Ashes: a one-armed version, a torn-shirt version with a chainsaw, and Deadite Ash, whom I’ve wanted a figure of forever–plus Henrietta. Sixteen-year-old Poe would have LOST. HIS. S*** over this line. I’m a bit removed from that now–and bummed by the lack of leg articulation–but I’ll be buying every single Evil Dead II figure NECA makes.
  • You can also see the NECA Robocop behind that Henrietta–he looks pretty good.
  • I have to wonder, is it awkward shilling products for a failed blockbuster like Green Lantern at SDCC after the movie has come out? Still, Parallax looks awesome.
  • One of the bizarre things I’ve seen was the 1970s’-colors Arkham City Batman. It’s a TRU exclusive you get when you buy the game there, so I assume it’s going to be a skin in the game, too. Is it me, or is that head placed much better on the body than the regular version?
  • Possibly the best thing I’ve seen out of the show so far is the evidence that there will indeed be more Futurama figures. Lrrr! Morbo! Clamps! Joey Mousepad! The Donbot! And yet…NO HEDONISM-BOT. It’s a crime we’re getting the Destructor, whom I barely remember, before Hedonism-Bot. This line cannot end without that figure.
  • He is Vigo! The scourge of Carpathia!
  • Hot Toys is making a 1/6th Jack Nicholson Joker and a 1/6th Burton Batmobile; I can only assume a Keaton Batman is coming. I mention this solely because it irks me we still don’t have some Movie Masters of these in 6″ scale.
  • Speaking of Movie Masters, we’re also getting a figure of the Joker as he looked in the two-second scene in The Dark Knight where he dressed as a cop and shot at the mayor. Yay?
  • Mezco’s making a new Earthworm Jim figure. Weird, but cool. Oh, and it looks like there’s an Uncharted 3 Drake figure next to him. Square Enix is making a figure of Drake, too. Not sure I need one of those, but unless the Mezco one has articulated legs, of the two I’ll take Square’s.
  • Any photos that weren’t links to other sites were taken by Rustin Parr. Thanks Rustin!


Pic of the Day > Jehuty by GogDog


MOTUC Sub List #4 (+ complete list of figs so far)


  1. Knight

    Good news! NECA says leg articulation is still being added in for Ash: http://twitter.com/#!/NECA_TOYS/status/9407823883

  2. dayraven

    those NECA gremlins are still giving me wood.

  3. NERD RAGE!!!! I checked the TRU web site before I went to work this morning and I saw that they were making changes to the Exclusives page, but nothing was set-in-stone yet. I was going to take advantage of their free shipping promotion and just go ahead and order MP Rodimus and get it over with. Sold out in six hours… I hope they'll have more up soon-er-ish. I don't really relish the thought of having to scour TRU every other day for two months like I did with MP Grimlock.

    Vigo looks awesome, the face looks a little soft though, but not bad for in-house sculpting I guess.

    The NECA Evil Dead II line is getting me excited. I'll admit, I would have killed for those figures about ten years ago. I think someone has FINALLY managed to nail Bruce Campbell's likeness, and a young Bruce as is. I will most likely buy every single version, but I like the Deadite version the best! Also, they included Henrietta, so we'll get some deadites for him to fight finally! If only I can remember where I put my Evil Ash from AOD now.

    That HOT TOYS Joker is dangerous… dangerous for my wallet at least. I think that may be a must-have for me. So will the Keaton Batman if/when they make it. The Batmobile looks great though.

    As far as the MM Police Offer Joker from TDK, all I have to ask is… why… but I'm sure there'll be someone who will want it, so more power to them I guess…

  4. God DAMN look at these Arkham Asylum figures from Square-Enix! http://www.toplessrobot.com/assets_c/2011/07/play

  5. That '70s color Batman looks like an ImagineNext figure on steroids.

    That's not necessarily a bad thing.

  6. fengschwing

    Looks like LEGO have finally got their act together and have secured both Marvel and DC licenses…

  7. fengschwing

    Please Baby Jesus, please get Uncle George to say yes to making these, pleasssseeee!

    • NO! Don't make them! I can't afford it!

    • fengschwing

      Real weathered cloth on a 6 inch figure….I'd flog a kidney for one of those Boba's…

    • misterbigbo

      I’m gonna let my nerd hang out something fierce here, but it’s a wicked bummer that the 6″ stormtrooper appears to have it’s helmet molded after those awful 501st F/X lids, rather than a correctly proportioned helmet. That’s a deal-breaker for me.

  8. R.Ace

    And Windraider. That is all.

  9. Replicant

    Not suprised about the delay of Faker. If only he didn't have that damn battle armor. Gotta have it!

  10. misterbigbo

    I bet Digital River is glad they have nothing to do with Fakergate!

    • Honestly, is anyone surprised? I mean, really.

      While I'm going to get the set–or try to–I have to admit I am not even slightly excited for it. Damn my completism. I can skip the Supergirl/She-Ra set because there's nothing new about either figure, but the stupid orange battle armor on Faker means I have to get him. Though I do like the idea of displaying him without the panels, so you can see his robo-chest.

    • misterbigbo

      My favorite He-Man figures as a kid were the Battle Armor variants, and as such the only ones I've opened so far from the MOTUC line. Faker is a no-brainer for me. I am disappointed but by no means upset; mostly I am surprised that Mattel is continuing the practice of not informing the client base about delays in shipments. I mean, those containers would have had to arrive at the docks weeks ago to make today's SDCC and web distribution, right?

    • Nicholai

      I'll take Bizarro off your hands to help defray costs if you want.

  11. Ben

    Toynami has been showing prototypes for Morbo and Lrrr for years, before any prototypes of Destruktor were even shown. I really hope they're getting close to production. Two key characters at this point in the line.

    Also, EARTHWORM JIM! HE'S SUCH A GROOVY GUY! I really wish we had more Earthworm Jim adventures.

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