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  • Not quite as much awesome toy stuff revealed today–preview night is always the big one, aside from panels–but apparently Mattel did put the above figs in their display case today. They appear to be super-deformed MOTU toys in the style of the DC Action League (or Galactic Heroes or Superhero Squad or whatever line you prefer). Mattel certainly seems interested in trying some new styles with MOTU–and that can only be a good thing. Anyway, I’m definitely in for these. The above pic was taken by Pixel Dan, who’s covering SDCC for PopCultureNetwork; check out this link for a larger pic of the minifigures.
  • DC Direct had their panel today. I was primarily interested in their Arkham City figures, but they still haven’t revealed anything beyond Harley. I’m speculating this is because the other figures are of characters who haven’t been revealed yet, i.e., Nightwing. They’re also making figures based on the JLA in their Brand New DC looks. I have to say the figures look rather uninspired, and what’s more, you won’t be able to buy the first one for another thirteen months.
  • In Poe-Could-Go-Bankrupt news, ThreeA toys had some 6″ Star Wars prototypes that they’re evidently trying to pitch to Takara. Why Takara? I don’t know. I only know I don’t want these to be made because I want to have a house and kids and so forth someday, and I won’t be able to afford it if I’m buying these. Head over to ActionFigurePics for more info and photos. Poester and Star Wars pedant misterbigbo informs us that apparently the Stormtrooper head sculpt is based on the F/X 501st helmet and is not screen-accurate; I’ll take his word for it.
  • Marvel Legends are back! And…could it be true? Am I finally getting the 6″ Constrictor I’ve wanted since I read a backup story about him in Marvel Comics Presents #74? I find it a bit amusing they’ve got Steve Rogers there in his “Super Soldier” costume–has Marvel really not got him back into the red, white and blue for the movie release? Good for them for sticking with story over marketing, I guess. Anyway, check out ActionFigurePics for pics and info on the ML relaunch.
  • Evidently Mattel’s WWE line is becoming a Mattycollector exclusive for 2012. That’s–kind of weird, right? WWE figures seem to have been perennial sellers for the last decade. Is this a.) due to waning popularity of the WWE and wrestling in general; b.) due to the waning popularity¬†and market oversaturation of wrestling figures in general and the WWE in particular; c.) due to the waning popularity of action figures in general among youngsters, the WWE’s main demographic; or d.) Mattel actually managed to bungle a surefire seller like WWE? Anyway, the good(?) news for wrestling fans is that they get to vote on five of the figures to be released in 2012. UPDATE: Commenters correctly pointed out to me below that it’s only the Legends sub-line that’s going Mattycollector-only. The regular line still sells well.
  • Should I be covering Voltron? Do people care? I never watched the show, and the only toys I had were the old diecast 6″ figure and, believe it or not, the vehicle Voltron.
  • The Mattypalooza panel happens at 2pm PT (5pm ET) Friday, thus bringing this farce to a close (I hope). The DC panel is two hours later–here’s hoping for some more Batman Legacy awesomeness. Apparently Matty himself might stop by! To quote Hudson, “He’s coming in. I feel safer already.”


MOTUC Sub List #4 (+ complete list of figs so far)


Pic of the Day > Trypticon 1 by Jessi6611


  1. I got my first ThreeA figure at SDCC, one of the exclusives down there, and it is one of the most amazing figures I've ever owned. I may have to try to get more ThreeA stuff in my collection. If ThreeA got approved to make Star Wars figures I would probably be spending lots of money on Star Wars again.

    I like Voltron and am considering getting the sub, but the the lions and Voltron mode almost looked too simplified to me. And the new show is terrible. I think you should only cover Voltron if you actually have an interest in it.

  2. AJ7

    I'm interested in Voltron! Very interested.

    I'm still debating getting the subscription for two reasons. The first is because $15.00 plus (international) shipping for a 3.75" action figure seems excessive. Then again, Mattel's retail-release 3.75" Green Lantern figures retail for $17.00+ in Australia, so perhaps they're not really *that* expensive, especially if they're shipped with the Lions.

    The second is that I still don't have an appreciation for how big the Lions and Voltron are. It's hard to tell from the photos of the display case. Mattel really needed to show a few photos of the Lions and Voltron next to some MOTUC or DCUC figures since those not attending SDCC really can't get a clear impression of just how big the items are. During the Mattel panel, they indicated that holding the Black Lion was like "holding a baby", but that seems a little extreme (then again, so does the $50.00 price tag for Black Lion).

  3. Snarktron

    Given that Voltron has a film in development, a cartoon on the air, and a retail presence–none of which can be said for, say, Masters of the Universe–I'd say it seems like something you might want to look in on once in a while.

  4. Mark

    Got to say I am pretty let down by the Matty Voltron and the Voltron from the new show. I guess for Voltron we are stuck with the Matchox/Popy original and the Toynami Masterpiece.

  5. Andrew

    Does the super-soldier Steve Rogers look like an obvious re-use of an old body? If so, could you tell which?

    • Bigbot

      It's using the Face Off Punisher/Shield body.

  6. Monkey boy


  7. Constrictor was one of the first villains I saw Cap fight, and he was Deadpool's roommate once! So, I'm excited for him and Klaw; a little less so for the others. I don't like plot macguffin Hope, and Steve is Cap again already–that's not a bad looking figure, though.

  8. misterbigbo

    That’s the first time I’ve ever been called a pedant. Thanks, I guess!

    The mini MOTU look great and I’ll second that hot toys Luke is amazing. Gotta wonder how the hell much that batmobile would be…

  9. I'm as excited about Klaw as you are about Constrictor, Poe. I've been DYING for a figure of that guy for years….

  10. Thrawn

    Whoa. I don't normally like super deformed small scale toys, but those motu toys look great. Check the face out on Skeletor and Scarglow. It also looks like they have arm articulation. My wallet hurts! Stop already Mattel!

  11. FakeEyes22

    Oh, I forgot.

    Hot Toys Bespin Luke Skywalker.

    Holy Crap. Mark Hamill seems to have the toughest face ever to capture in plastic. Hasbro has finally done some pretty nice ones for the size. Sideshow has done pretty well. This Hot Toys Luke is scary real. Also, Hot Toys Jack Nicholson Joker. And a 1/6 scale Burton Batmobile! Meanwhile, my 6" Mattel Batmen are hitchhiking.

  12. FakeEyes22

    I mentioned this elsewhere, but what I really think works about those MOTU minis is that they take the existing exaggerated physique of MOTUC characters and push that style further. They're still very "He-Man" rather than just being blocky and kiddified(which can also be fun)

    I really love the tiny legs and the way that they use the MOTUC figures as their character models. I really like these.

    Spoiler Alert!
    In addition to Steve Rogers being done with Super Soldier, its funny that the recently killed Bucky has 2 figures in the movie line's comic series. Oops.

    Those 6" Star Wars figures look amazing. The Hasbro figures have gotten good, but these look like Sideshow toys. If these happened, I'd be so very afraid of how big and expensive the line could get.

    I'm very interested in Voltron. I'm not digging the anime look instead of the chromed out toy style, but I can see how they would want to head in that direction for a change. Unfortunately, that direction may keep me away from that sub. The 3 3/4" figures look pretty nice with their alternate helmet heads, but $15 each prior to shipping is a bit much. I wish Mattel would put more care into the displays since the assembled Voltron is standing like a total mess. It makes me think I'd end up with a knock-kneed clumsy thing. Maybe it'll be fixed now that the rush is done.

  13. I LOVE the MOTU-minis (big surprise there). Then again I've got a soft spot in my heart for all those mini-pvc figures. That said — I don't see myself going wild with them either. I like what I've seen shown here, and probably would go for most of the original cardback figures and a few other randoms, but that is all of course dependant upon the price point. I see these 2-packs going for $10-$12 each easy.

  14. Batman

    Steve is back as Captain America. The Fear Itself mini has the story behind it.

  15. Newt

    But if it counts for anything, yes Mattel did bungle the WWE legends line, which is why it’s no longer retail.

    • Zach S.

      They just oversaturated the market with waves 1-2. I never even saw Wave 3 until like 4 cases of it randomly showed up on clearance at every Target in town a few weeks back…the distribution was horrible on these. I'm glad it's continuing on Matty though…it won't be much of a difference since I bought wave 3 through 5 online anyways…

    • FakeEyes22

      I know very little about WWE figures, but I agree with the oversaturation. There seemed to be way too many of these figures out there when you look at the high price compared to how many obscure Legends there are to stick around in each wave. I'll blame the high price alone on all of the entrance greats I'm seeing on clearance.

      When I'm seeing a really nice Rock figure on clearance at Target and closeout stores, there's something going wrong.

    • Newton Gimmick

      Oversaturation was part of it, but the biggest problem was poor character selection and bad attire choices. Jakks had already done better versions of most of the characters that Mattel put out. Had Mattel put out Wave 5 as Wave 1, it'd been a different story.

  16. Newt

    WWE line is not exclusive to Matty. Only the Legends line. Which is just classic wrestlers like Andre the Giant or whatever. The regular WWE line is still Mattels best seller.

    • I'm glad you clarified that, Newt; I was thinking "Hoo boy, Vince McMahon must be pissed."

  17. I think the new 6" line will be expensive since I believe it is intended for the japanese market, I think takara has the sw license for japan as I always see hasbro sw figs being labeled under takara-tomy in japan stores or online shops. But heck yeah, I too love the new 3A toys SW prototypes shown at sdcc, Boba seems to be a very good fit for 3A's styling (fabric clothes, chunks of scarred metal etc.). But the stormtrooper just blew me away, the white armor has a certain gloss that I have so far only seen on actual film footage and not replicated on toys or 1/6th figs.. I will be quitting the hasbro 3" line if 3A toys gets its approval from takara!

    Can't wait for more motuc news.. the windraider was super awesome, but we need to see the upcoming new figures!

  18. You could also say the mini MOTUs fall in with the Rumblers they are doing with the WWE brand.

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