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Red Hulk


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  1. It may be one of the most photogenic figures ever, too–there's something about the way that red plastic reacts to camera flash. Diffuses very well; very little plastic shine.

  2. FakeEyes22

    I love this figure. I remember paying the INSANE(back then) price of $15 each for that Target exclusive wave! Their system had set them at the same price as the previously released Hulk Legends, who were huge and had giant Fin Fang Foom pieces. It's fun to try to explain that their system or somebody had goofed and try to get a price adjustment once something goes back to $10. And by fun, I mean they didn't understand a word I was saying.

    Oh well, that extra $30 seems pretty minor now. He's one of my absolute favorites.

  3. Fengschwing

    I love this BAF, I never go even close to completing him and never will, like dayraven says, he's rarer than rocking horse do-do now.

  4. Megatherium

    I have this one hanging out with my Marvel Universe collection. 🙂

  5. dayraven

    at this point, it may be easier to score on of the green hulk's from the 2 pack and give him a die bath… the head swap is easy though.

  6. Still missing a leg for mine. Now I'm sad.

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