Pic of the Day > Zindar and Dron by FranMoff

Zindar and Dron


Pic of the Day > Red Skull by Boogeyman13


Pic of the Day > Red Hulk by wylun


  1. FakeEyes22

    Thanks for the name of the line! For years it's slipped my mind since Dino-Riders automatically pops in my head. I can practically hear the old TV ad song now.

    On another note: These guys? Definitely Not Human. They looks like Eternian Garbage Pail Kids, but they are strangely appealing. And seriously, that dude looks exactly like the Doctor to me.

  2. Zach S.

    Definitely Dinosaurs was awesome…they used to smash and eat all of my GI Joes. The dinosaurs actually looked like real dinosaurs and were appropriately menacing.

  3. Jack Static

    It was a kids toy line, playskool i beleive, the dinosaurs were pretty awesome, and I loved them as a kid, but the cavemen always creeped me out a little bit. Think the imaginext line but like, 20 years agoish. It was cool

  4. FakeEyes22

    Remember when Tom Baker and Dr. Mindbender joined forces at Wrestlemania III? Best crossover EVER!

  5. Mysterious Stranger

    Cabbage Patch Caveman Wrestlers!!!

  6. Bigobt

    What are these? They remind me of the cavemen from the Super Mario Bros. cartoon.

  7. clark

    I remember wanting these figures as a kid, but never getting them. Now, looking at them, aside from remember wanting them; I have no clue what they are. Are they wrestling figures?

  8. wolverace

    Awesome. Smply awesome.
    The more you look at it, the more you appreciate it as art.

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