Power-Con/ThunderCon Update

The folks behind Power-Con/ThunderCon send along this press release. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it–thus is the price of living on the other side of the continent. But it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

July 18, 2011 – Three of the 1980s most blockbuster properties are joining forces for their first ever fan convention. Power-Con, LLC is proud to present POWER-CON / THUNDERCON — a celebration of Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power, and ThunderCats all together for one great fan convention.

The convention is being presented at the Four Points LAX in Los Angeles, California, on September 24th and 25th 2011. Reduced ticket pricing is available through September 1st 2011 (1-day pass: $20/person, 2-day pass: $30/person) and kids 12 and under get in free with paying adult. For fans wanting more, a Power Package bundle is available that includes exclusive convention memorabilia. There is also a Roast Gooble Dinner Package which offers a limited number of fans the rare opportunity to dine with celebrity guests from the show.

Guests include Larry DiTillio, writer of numerous He-Man and She-Ra episodes and developer of She-Ra; Don Glut, writer of the original He-Man mini comics; Michael Halperin, writer of the original Masters of the Universe series bible; Larry Kenney, the original voice actor for ThunderCat’s Lion-O; Roger Lay Jr., filmmaker of the upcoming Toy Masters documentary; Ted Mayer, one of the original designers of the Masters of the Universe toy line; Mattel, creators of the original He-Man and She-Ra toy lines and current producer of MattyCollector.com’s Masters of the Universe Classics; Earl Norem, painter of the iconic He-Man magazine; and Dean Stefan, lead story editor of the 2002 He-Man series on Cartoon Network. But, that’s not all! Our complete guest list can be found online at: http://www.thepower-con.com/guest-list/

For more information on Power-Con / ThunderCon 2011 and all of its offerings, please visit http://www.thepower-con.com



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  1. FakeEyes22

    I will definitely not be going to this since it's too far away, but I'm pretty impressed. Combining Powercon with Thundercon was a brilliant move and the guest list is shaping up nicely. The admission isn't bad either, and I think 12 is a rather generous age for free kids admission. That's a great way to get kids involved. I've been surprised to find that my 3 year old can't even get into the zoo or aquarium for free these days, so it's cool that a pop cultiure/collectible show is a reasonable outing.

  2. Ben

    I am very fortunate that four Thundercats voice actors (Larry Kenney, Peter Newman, Lynne Lipton, and Gerianne Raphael) appeared at a show in North Jersey called Empire Fan Fest waaaaaay back in 2004. I don't think anyone has been able to get anyone beyond Larry Kenney at another show.

    Looks like they're taking this really seriously. I hope that it's successful!

  3. thomas b

    I am going…I CAN NOT wait!!!

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