SDCC Preview Night Pics

Here are a few pics from SDCC, courtesy of Rustin Parr. Not as nice as you’ll find on other sites of course, but something to talk about.

First up, it appears Mattel is indeed expanding its Arkham City figures–here’s the Joker and Harley:

I can confirm that Harley, at least, was sculpted by the Four Horsemen. The Joker looks a little off, though–the head looks too small, and the hair looks too short.

But Mattel (and DC Direct) aren’t the only ones making Arkham Asylum/City figures. Here’s Square Enix’s amazing Play Arts AA Batman and Joker.

Pardon me while I console my wallet. These are pretty stylized–they look more like Carlos D’Anda’s concept art for the game than they do the characters from the game. They still look awesome, though.

And finally, the 2011 MOTUC vehicle is revealed–the Wind Raider.


This non-subscription item will be on Mattycollector in October. The Wind Raider was never my favorite MOTU vehicle–that was the Talon Fighter, followed by the Battle Ram, followed by the Attak Trak–but it’s probably a safe start to see how vehicles do in this line.


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Pic of the Day > Jehuty by GogDog


  1. A.J.

    Why do three different companies need to make figures based on the same video game all at the same time?

    • One word answer: Money. Seriously, there's enough cash in Batman for these guys to all do well in their different areas of nerddom.

    • Exactly. I\’ll be buying them all. I love the \”Arkhamverse\”.

  2. Great previews to kick off the SDCC madness.

    The AA figures are looking good but I agree that Joker is “off” to the head being small. Harley looks great though. I know the Play Arts stuff usually looks great but I I’m hoping that they are scaled close to either the DC Direct figs or Mattel figs. My guess is they’ll be closer to DCD since Play Arts figs are usually on the big side.

    The Wind Raider looks like a solid first vehicle for MOTUC. I’ll try to pick one up but I’ll be honest, I’m anxious for villain vehicles like the Roton and Land Shark. So in hopes of seeing one of those I’m going to support the vehicles and hopefully I can count on most of you to back me up. Besides fellas, if we want that awesomely massive Battle Ram then we have to show Matty we support vehicles.

    Any guess on the cost of the Wind Raider? Is $40 reasonable??

  3. Barbecue17

    Both that Harley Quinn and the new Wind Raider are fantastic! And those Play Arts figures are awesome, but Play Arts stuff is always nice. I love the stand the Wind Raider is displayed with; will this come with the vehicle?

  4. Thomas b

    That wind raider is waaaaay better than I had hoped! It’s bigger than I thought it’d be too

  5. Mario

    Certainly not what I was expecting, but the Wind Raider's pretty nice.

  6. Wow! MOTUC vehicles. Cool. I used to have a Wind Raider and I liked it. Cool to see it's updated look.


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