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  1. Alexander

    I know Mattel said that DC will continue at retail in 2012 . And with the elimination of the CnC this could be a great oportunity for Mattel to add acesories like swapable hands,character specific weapons, ball joints for the hips,and rocker ankles. But i'm concerned with the comment made about "The focus will be on much more mainstream and kid/mom friendly mixes/characters". Dose this mean that we will be getting 6" figures with 3 1/4" articulation?

  2. Heli

    You recently made a post to provide some additional information regarding Club Infinite Earths, wherein you noted that the online club would be the source for females. Based on, admittedly, anecdotal evidence, it seems that the notion that females don't sell in a boys action figure line is an outdated one. With the exception of Yarna in the Star Wars line (who was extremely obscure and not action-oriented), no female figure ever seems to linger on the pegs. Is there actual evidence that females sell poorly, or just 40 year old "well, everybody KNOWS it's true" kind of data?

  3. Concerning the bonus mini-comic-inspired Skeletor head that is scheduled to come with Demo-Man, while it is a very welcome addition to the line (being the first artist-specific alternate head), the prototype shown at SDCC 2011 featured a mostly green colored skull, while the art that it is based on has Skeletor's head colored pure yellow.

    I was wondering if it was at all possible for the head to reflect the source-accurate yellow skull, or is it too late to correct the skull color?

    Thank you.

  4. noveltynostalgia

    Will Mattel be looking into the subscription numbers again after August 22nd to determine if there's enough volume to setup a distribution centre in Europe?

  5. toyman

    I guess there wasn't an Aug 1st Q&A so I'll re-ask my question from that session:

    With the addition of Club Lion Force and larger, more expensive MOTUC items being incorporated into the line, will product releases be staggered so that fans with multiple subscriptions don't have 2 MOTUC items, a Ghostbusters figure, and a Voltron Lion and it's pilot all coming out in the same month?

    • Mysterious Stranger

      This is a valid concern but it will just piss people off if they do this. The whole point of being able to combine shipping on all the different subs is so people will save money. Now you want to stagger shipping on these items and pay more? I understand where you're coming from but it doesn't make sense to me. If you can't afford to have multiple items come out at once then you probably shouldn't sign up for the subscription.

    • toyman

      Well it's not that it's about not having the money so much….I guess what I'm trying to say is that having multiple things come out at once so you can save on shipping is definitely a good thing, but it's complete bull when four things come out in one month and then the following month only one thing comes out. So one month your bank account gets hit for 100 bucks and then the next it's only 20. I think that should be more evenly spread out. 60 each month.

  6. APJ

    DCUC wave 9 Green Arrow and MOTUC Bow both were plagued by having long bows with arrows that were molded or sculpted way too short to be posed being pulled back on a bowstring. Was this fixed for DCUC wave 20 Red Arrow and Green Arrow by finally giving them long arrows? It's hard to tell by the photography given, and I would hate to see the same mistake not fixed on now four consecutive archer figures.

  7. MOTUCfan

    Many fans have suggested that some MOTUC figures weren't as complete as they had hoped, be it accessory-wise (Zodac's chair), lacking additional optional heads (Buzz-Off, Grizzlor), or to fix issues (Teela, King Hsss, Roboto). With new characters coming out monthly AND quarterly, plus Filmation characters and new creations next year, and decreasing their numbers for sale, this creates a very unlikely scenario of reissuing older MOTUC figures with these minor updates. How do you plan on incorporating these highly-requested additions?

  8. APJ

    Going forward, can the same bright white paint used for the MOTUC figures' teeth and eyes PLEASE be used for She-Ra v2.0 and the Sorceress, as well as any other character with white on their costume? Every other white detail on a given figure is either dull or light gray in color: first Teela's outfit, then She-Ra's dress, and now why are DCUC/MOTUC Zodac's gloves not WHITE, but GRAY, too? It's blue-face Harley all over again.

  9. Why were the All-Star Sale items marked as "Sold Out" on August 1st, the day of the post-SDCC Sale, then put back up for sale the day after? People who wanted to buy All-Star Sale items and SDCC items together to save on shipping costs were unable to, and were forced to pay extra shipping costs if they placed an order on August 1st or the SDCC items, and then another order on a following day for the All-Star items they originally wanted together.

  10. Nicholai

    Assuming the Club Infinite Earths is DOA…..I know that Matty said that the club was started late, but why not give it more time and promotion? Quick interviews by Fangirl with Newsarama, IGN, and ComicsAlliance showing a few pictures of prototypes (even if just Atrocitus, Jay Garrick, etc.) and saying how this is the chance to get these figures team builders and niche characters that so many want would have gone a long way I think to getting the sub off the ground. The readership of those sites would have hit DCUC/DC collectors who don't normally go to sites like PoeGhostal, It's All True, and The Fwoosh.

    • Sander T.

      What an excellent question! why russh everything into the ground when you can take the time to bring it forward with a thought out strategy. Double vote for this post, this has got to go out to Mattel in the next QnA

  11. fengschwing

    What was the thinking behind the decision to make the recent Swamp-Thing figure oversized and thus out od scale with the rest of the DCUC line?

    • AmericanHyena

      Per Mattel, it was DC's cock-up. That was the scale DC sent them in the character info.

  12. What can the fans do to get the Mini Masters made? Mattel always says they like seeing support on the internet but what specifically do they need and want to see?

  13. Andy

    "DC" Action figures

  14. Andy

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the DCUC sub didn't make it. I think there's a lot of hurt feelings all around, from the sub purchasers who will never see a Poison Ivy, to the detractors that didn't like being "bullied" and to Mattel, which will not make money on the license. What does this mean for fans of CD action figures and for the Action figure business model in general?

  15. Zach S.

    Will you be selling the Mini-Masters? I want them all.

  16. DeaDPooLx97

    When will we know the fate of the Mini-Masters?

  17. Snarf! Snarf!

    With the announcements that Filmation Characters can be made in MOTUC, does this mean that only characters from the cartoon that had no toys can be made (Shadow Weaver, Madame Razz, Melaktha) or does this inclue "Filmation versions" of Normal MOTU/PoP characters that had a Mattel toy (Filmation Skeletor with the human boot feet, Filmation cyborg Hordak, etc.)?

  18. misterbigbo

    Have you considered producing the FHM’s mini-masters and distributing them as blind-box items? They could be sold on Mattycollector individually or by the case, or to comic/specialty shops. Lego’s recent success with minifigs is interesting, but the price point is key.


    • Gruntos

      Absolutely – and no chase variants either!! Special repaints if you must, and a nicely packaged box set but blind boxes drive me nuts!

    • americanhyena

      Strike from record! Strike from record!

  19. Mecha-Shiva

    Haha,that's cool!

  20. Mario

    I like "Mat-Jaw". That is all.

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