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Flashpoint Batman


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  1. I've got this toy and posted a review — — and yeah, there's something weird going on with the sculpt. I like the costume design, but this is not a good action figure.

  2. Wow, people do not like this figure. Almost makes me want to get one just to review it…and yes, I believe it is the first-ever Thomas Wayne figure. Oh, and, um, spoiler alert, I guess?

    Here's my question: why does this figure have such a boring, undetailed look and minimal articulation, whereas the Batman Inc. figure got the works? DCD is so schizoid sometimes.

  3. Henry

    Yeah, something about this figure just looks off. The lower limbs just seem short with everything else being stretched to compensate. That could just be a perspective thing with the smaller boots/gloves on flashpoint!Batman along the big, uninterupted block of gray.

    So in conclusion, he needs Batpants I guess.

  4. Ronnie Lane

    Geez, Bats, I'm sure Alfred would be happy to get you some vizine for that eye issue.

  5. Fengschwing

    I really can't figure out if that's amazing or ugly as sin…

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