Mattycollector Online SDCC Exclusives Go on Sale at 12pm ET

Just a reminder, the Mattel SDCC exclusives go on sale at 12pm ET (9am PT) today.

Here’s the all-in-one page. Good luck all!


Review > Catra (Masters of the Universe)


Making the Mini-Masters Materialize


  1. nerdbot

    Oddly enough, now – the day after the sale – most of the "All-Star" figures are available again. Hmmm…

  2. Thomas b

    In hindsight I wish I wouldn't have had wasted my time and frustration levels sitting on Matty trying to buy the queen and swamp thing but if I didn't do it I am sure they'd be sold out right now.

  3. I have to admit I'm a little surprised. 12+ hours later and Stay Puft & Polly Pocket She-Ra of all things are sold out while Queen Marlena and Swamp Things aren't even "almost gone"!

  4. Valo487

    I just checked and a lot of things are still available.

  5. Megaduce Flare

    Well, we’re past the noon “Zerg Rush” and the only things gone so far are Stay Puft & the MotU Poly Pocket set.

    If the stuff hangs around long enough, I may just cave and get that Voltron figure.

  6. muldertp

    Got stay puft in 22 minutes. While I’m relieved, I’m kind of frustrated that my friend was turned away from the sdcc booth twice because they had reached their “limit” for the day.

  7. toyman

    The only thing sold out so far is Polly Pocket. Stay Puft is "Almost Gone".

  8. I suppose I should log in to this thing if I'm gonna comment so much! Finally got through, 20 minutes to get Ghoulia in my cart, and then another 10 to get through the billing process. My wife will be happy I got it for her, and I'm happy to not have to pay scalper prices for it on ebay.

  9. Battle Catman

    Wow, no WSOD for me. I'd forgotten about the sale, too. Popped in at around :39 minute mark, picked up Marlena, and checked out.

    Oh well. "Unlucky in love, lucky in toy collecting," I guess.

  10. nerdbot

    Alright… got a couple Swamp Things ordered without too much agita. Pretty $%#&ing annoyed, though, that the all-star sale stuff magically "sold out" just before noon.

  11. Merso

    All the All-Star Sale items sold out rather abruptly and suspiciously… I was planning to get a Skeletor today but no luck.

    • misterbigbo

      In all fairness, Skelly was sold out days ago when I checked him.

    • stack32

      But now every single item is sold out. I've been checking pretty regularly and I hadn't noticed that anything had an "almost gone" label. Maybe a ton of people buying exclusives bought these too, but I agree with Merso: it seems suspicious.

  12. c-lo

    Got Marlena (Glenn)/Cringer after 40 minutes of WSOD. Still a nerve-wracking experience. Not looking forward to doing this for the new figures, wind raider, and she-ra 2.0

  13. Oh, and now I have that email.

  14. HA! I refreshed my swamp thing order page at noon, and was forced to wait through WSOD for 20 minutes. Then, I opened a new tab, and was redirected to the swamp thing page no problem. I put it in cart, and waited for another five minutes at WSOD. Then I started rapidly refreshing the page myself, and what do you know? I put in my information, WSOD. More self-refreshing. Got through in less than ten seconds. I finally put in my order and now I"m eagerly awaiting my confirmation email. That just goes to show that Matty is a liar. Refreshing the page does put you through to the site. Blow me, Mattel.

    • americanhyena

      That last sentence is quite a visual, lol. Will never look at Matty the same way.

  15. fengschwing

    Swampy in the bag, 28 mins from start to finish.

    • fengschwing

      Which is also how much he cost in ££ too…coincidence or are Matty now charging by the minute on their site, hmm?

  16. 25 minutes, got Stay Puft at very long last

    nothing was sold out as of then

  17. Nicholai

    I got both Swampy and Marlena. Dumb WSOD is super annoying though.

  18. kreq

    took me 20 minutes in the end. but got what i wanted. i've only been doing these for a little more than a year now, but little by little the matty experience seems to have gotten significantly better. i don't know how much of that to attribute to DR and how much to increased production levels or increased subscribers or people just giving up and going to ebay. probably a little bit of everything.

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