Mattycollector Online SDCC Exclusives Go on Sale at 12pm ET

Just a reminder, the Mattel SDCC exclusives go on sale at 12pm ET (9am PT) today.

Here’s the all-in-one page. Good luck all!


Review > Catra (Masters of the Universe)


Making the Mini-Masters Materialize


  1. Mose

    Holy crap! Polly Pocket Collection sold out first!

  2. Mose

    Managed to get in and out with everything I wanted at 12:11 ET. A lot of WSOD along the way but mostly at the billing page. Better than last year. Then again not getting logged out while your trying to get to the billing page could be beaten easily.

    Also I still hate CAPCHA. Had to refresh it a few times due to not being able to read what I had to type.

  3. ferris

    Took 16 minutes but got Cringer, didn't look like anything was sold out as I left…

  4. Sledgehama

    Well, after a nerve-wracking wait at the WSOD that reminded me all too keenly of last week's hideous encounter with Hasbro Toy Shop, I'm pleased to say that I managed to get my order placed within 10 minutes as well. So while still not the most pleasant online shopping experience, Mattel has managed to do a better job in this instance and now it's all fingers crossed that everything arrives in one piece! Hope everyone else is managing to get what they want!

  5. toyman

    Holy crap I'm through and got everything. I still stand by my above statement, however.

  6. kreq

    got both cpt glenn and swamp thing in my cart immediately. been stuck on wsod since. 15min and counting.

  7. Knight

    So has anything sold out yet?

  8. toyman

    Thank you for your interest in Mattycollector products……You won't be PURCHASING any of these products due to our terrible site, but thanks for your interest. And hey, we'll let you look at this cool white screen and smirking jackass for 15 minutes and then you can continue on to our site to see pictures of our products that you can no longer buy.

  9. In and done by 10 minutes past.

    Lots of WSOD, but getting everything I wanted within 10 minutes is nothing to complain about.

  10. fengschwing

    Now attempting to force Swampy into a cart…

  11. Knight

    Refreshed right at 11 CST, been sitting on that auto-refresher page for 8 minutes now. There's nothing I want, but my wife really wanted that Monster High doll, and she's gonna be crushed if I can't get through.

  12. FakeEyes22

    I forgot how much fun this was! It's like seeing an old friend.

    And this old friend stole your wife and stabbed you a bunch of times. And you got a restraining order called a subscription, but here you are in a dark alley with this dude and his knife collection.

  13. toyman

    Anything sold out yet?

  14. Got right to the order page and right to the address confirmation with ZERO issue, but am now WSODing en route to billing. I'm going to be severely ill-pleased if I don't get this Stay Puft…

  15. wesitron

    4 minutes ago everything was fine, but NOW you can start banging your head 🙂

  16. toyman

    Hope it goes easy for everyone trying today. I'm shooting for 2 Swamp Things, Kilowog, Marlena and Stay Puft. Should I start sobbing and smacking my head against the keyboard now?

  17. fengschwing

    WSOD already…

  18. fengschwing

    Going to try my hand for Swampy today lads.
    Wish me luck.

  19. Rich

    Hrm. Little worried about today’s sale. The https: addresses are taking 5x as long to load as their http: counterparts. I’m also impressed, as always, that they had to take down the all-star sale items for today.
    Why do we put up with this?

    • Rich

      I take most of it back! That was easier than usual today. Don’t know why the secured functions were slow, but the order is placed!

      And… still bummed that they won’t let you add a few all-stars into the shipping crate. Dumb, matty. Dumb.

  20. I really want Stay Puft but I can't afford him. I will be mopey today and then get over it. Bummer though as its the first GB item I have to pass on. Hopefully he will get a re-release down the road without the worthless packaging. I can appreciate cool packaging but I hate knowing I'm paying for it. Especially because that diorama is too big for me to actually make use of.. A hollow unposeable half plush Stay Puft with ugly seam lines is not worth $70 bucks. I like the item, and I like that its big but I $50 like it. Though if I had the cash I would pay the $70 because I am a sucker.


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