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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT

Submitted by: Poe

The Problem: The BAF piece is missing, and the Mattel Black Hand figure has been replaced with a DC Direct Black Hand.

What It’s Supposed to Look Like: This

Poe writes: Poester Sped and I came across this at the Toys R Us in Dedham, MA. Someone at TRU was evidently vaguely aware of the problem, as it’s got the reduced-price red sticker. But for all I know they just thought the BAF piece was missing–even Sped missed the fact it was a DCD Black Hand until I pointed it out.


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  1. nerdbot

    I think that would definitely help. But probably – and sadly – not by much. Unless the stores are careful to put really astute people on returns/customer service (of course, one would hope that they already try to do this). I once tried to point out a swap to a TRU employee… It was one of the recent pilot packs. Someone had swapped out the new four-figure sleeve with an old three-figure POTF (or something) sleeve. I handed the employee both packs – the swapped one and a correct one. He didn't see the difference until I pointed it out. And that was with the actual correct product in his hand. That was one of the worst examples, but every time I have tried to explain a swap to an employee – even managers – it has been some variation of that response. I think that most people don't see them as fans see them, but just see little plastic guys.

  2. While that might be ideal I think it would be impossible to do for every single return. I think one option would be to have a picture of the item being returned on the screen when they scan it in. I.E. Person walks up to customer service desk, they turn over an item and a reciept. The sales person scans the item and up pops an image of what its supposed to look like. I think this can be done. Heck, they were just talking on the news the other day about some stores are beginning to give optional "e-reciepts" which you can download from a web site or upload to your phone. Plus it would post pictures of the items you buy to facebook I guess.

    • Zach S.

      I think that's entirely plausible, having an image pop up when they scan the item. I mean, hell, all it has to do is pull up the item on TRU's website or something. It shouldn't be too difficult to attach images to their inventory system…although if it's this sneaky (DCD Black Hand in place of the DCUC one), it might not do much good if the employee doesn't have a discerning eye…but at least it would prevent the Lando/Han swap mentioned above.

  3. In this era where every image is just a Google search away, you'd think Toys "R" Us would have something like an image database for returns on things like this that come in clear bubble packages. So when Troll-Man X tries to return a 2011 Lando Calrissian with a ten-year-old Han Solo in it's place, they could just deny the return.

    • They can't deny any return, because they don't know that the person returning it was the one responsible for the switch. It could be an innocent parent who bought it for their kid only to find out it wasn't the right figure and wants their money back.

  4. This seems to be becoming a bigger and bigger issue. There is a lot that can be done to stop this. Manufacturers can return to the days of glued packaging for carded toys which are harder to reseal seemlessly than their taped cousins. And TRU can do a better job of doing its job when these things are brought to its attention.

    For DCUC I should say that part of the problem here is that they are putting out figures in the same scale as DC Direct, and often with a very similar look. If they would pick different characters or different reiterations of characters, that would stop the twin swapping that happened here. It might also stop the desire to twin swap, since a lot of the time the superior articulation of the DCUC is a a reason to dump to the older DC Direct versions.

  5. Zach S.

    At least it's still a Black Hand figure and not a Hal Jordan or something. What I can't stand about this type of case is that TRU acknowledged it was tampered with and still puts it back on the pegs…and it's not even discounted that much. I know employees can't be expected to know what every toy is supposed to look like, but I'm sure there were other DCUC Black Hand figures around to compare this to….and just from exposure to these toys daily they should have a better idea of what to look for. Why trolling goes unnoticed at Walmart and Target, I can understand to a degree. But Toys R Us should be held to a higher standard, considering toys are their thing.

    • "…but I'm sure there were other DCUC Black Hand figures around to compare this to…"


      Okay, I'm done, I've had my moment. Carry on!

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