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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT

Submitted by: Belligerent Monkey


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  1. Eric

    The Skallox/Jonah Hex one is kind of cool, and makes sense a little. I'm tempted to do that with my extras, as they are essentially worthless in terms of resell value.

  2. I wish I could see this guy's terrible custom Green Lantern Jonah Hex figure.

  3. that creeper was still on the shelf a month later.

  4. Jor

    I made a pigeon-rat.

  5. I don't know whats worse, this… or the asshole that buys up a ton of old figures warming pegs (most likely when there's a sale) and then waits for a new wave to come out, buys all the new ones up and then returns the old ones… What gets me is when they have price tags that obviously do NOT belong to the store (i.e. TRU) and have been scratched out.

    Still, this is d-baggery to the Nth Degree.

  6. RageTreb

    I have a theory. The guy grabbed new figures as he saw them (probably because DCUCs are/were rare in his area), regardless of paint quality. Faces/heads are the most important when it comes to QC, so as soon as he saw an opportunity to swap out some heads and get better painted heads for his Iron, Wildcat, etc, he took it. The fact that he used the spare heads from the Green lantern waves is self-explanatory.

    • Odoisdabomb

      Then why wouldn't he have just replaced the new figures with the old, sloppily painted ones?

  7. Zach S.

    I doubt he makes a lot of money on customs, and they probably do suck. He's just doing GL Corps headswaps on basic GL bodies for sure.

  8. The Jonah Hex one is just creepy.

  9. Fallen Eldor

    Perhaps he is a Poester trying to make a statement in protest of Mattel's move away from D list characters inclusion in whatever DCUC becomes in 2012? I'd guess the use of GL alien heads represent that GL's history is one of the few things NOT to change in next week DCNu's continuity. It could also represent how not getting D list characters means that GL's usefulness as a toy line is gutted by Mattel's toy practices.

    …or he is just a douche bag customizer.

  10. Customizer douche probably. If he makes a ton of $$ off his work that would suck. Hopefully his customs suck and no one buys them.

  11. Braystreet

    It's like someone is cheap and building speciest Lantern Corps…

    Only humans need apply, man…

  12. nerdbot

    Wha-? Did the culprit do this as some sort of art project? That's just totally senseless d-baggery.

    That Wildcat figure was – at least for me – kinda hard to find.

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