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I’m guessing this is someone’s video of an old MOTU commercial that was being shown by Mattel at SDCC this year (for instance, note the swelling Star Wars music in the background). According to one of the commenters on Youtube, this video was actually made by Filmation to help sell the series to TV, but it’s clearly not in the same style as the actual Filmation cartoon was.

Lots of extra detail, real facial expressions, an Alfredo Alcala-looking Skeletor–am I alone in wishing the original series had looked more like this?


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  1. I was thinking the same thing as Mecha Shiva. It's quite a rare find! Good quality too.

  2. It would have been awesome, but I'm afraid they wouldn't have the money to keep up dynamic animation like that.

  3. dayraven

    yeah, that was pretty damned cool… why oh why couldn't that have been the style of the show?

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the Heavy Metal thing. It really, REALLY looks like the same animation style and techniques used in the Harry Canyon sequence.

  5. FakeEyes22

    I was about to mention Heavy Metal, but you guys covered it! And i agree that the Grayskull looks better than the rather thoughtless black spray the final castle has in the middle of it's face.

    Was this ad actually on TV? It seems awfully familiar and it may be why I assumed Grayskull belongs to Skeletor and why I suddenly and vividly remember constantly having trap door victims holding spears that I'd try to bend in a similar way to the animation.

  6. clark

    No, Poe, you're not alone. This would have been awesome. Of course, I'm just impressed that they aren't using the same five cels over and over with different paint.

  7. That is cool and Bustatoons had an article about it back in issue 2 of cereal:geek titled "From Toy to Toon" discussing the evolution from toy to how he appeared in the Filmation cartoon. There is actully more to this but was cut up for the commercial, it was said to last from 7 to 10 mintues and had an actual story. It was meant to be the pilot for the original cartoon. I find it funny that M@A sound like Battle Cat and Teela sounds like Evil-lyn. Meanwhile He-Man is voiced by John Erwin like in the cartoon, but I can't place who Skeletor sound like(one of his henchmen?). Also it is weird that we only see the back of Beast-Man and Mer-man but no voice work and no proper profile shots. I like also how these were all Wave 1 figures/vehicles/beasts in the video.

  8. I think that animation would have been incredible. Its a barbarian world and that grittiness does such a stellar job representing it.

  9. Mecha-Shiva

    Pretty cool,has the animation quality of the Batman zeller's commercials,but the batman cartoons are tighter drawn.. .

  10. R.Ace

    Also, FIRE & ICE is now on Netflix Streaming!

  11. R.Ace


  12. kevster

    I agree, I think the animators are similar to some of the stuff that was done in HEAVY METAL. I'd bet thats a good pl;ace to start. Didn't filmation have a hand in some of that stuff?

  13. Too-Man-E-Faces

    The artwork looks great, though a bit dark and gloomy for a kids’ show. Reminds me a little of the 80s Heavy Metal animated movie, or Fire and Ice (although the latter was partly actually filmed and then painted over, just like the LOTR animated film).

  14. Mario

    You are certainly NOT alone Poe. Man 'o man was that beautiful! Also, is it just me, or does the Castle Grayskull "toy" look infinitely more amazing than what was actually released?

  15. Dead Man Walking

    You are not alone; I am here with you.

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