Welcome to Bat-Week!

This was the first summer in years that I watched some of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. It’s not that I don’t love sharks–I do (JAWS is my favorite film). But by the time I was a teenager I’d already watched a lot of shark nature shows, so I suppose I figured there wasn’t much new to learn. Still, I enjoyed Shark Week this year, especially Jaws Comes Home, which examined the recent appearance of numerous great white sharks off my native Massachusetts coast.

More importantly for you, I was inspired to create Bat-Week! I’ve got over twenty unopened Batman-related toys, ranging from 1989 to 2011, and over the next seven days I’ll be reviewing as many of them as possible. So sit back, put on your cape and cowl, sandpaper your vocal cords and enjoy the Batmania.


Any questions for Mattel?


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  1. The worst thing about TDK was all of the lame spoofs and memes that popped up and still plague the interwebs… give me Trololo guy any day of the week compared to that stuff…

    Oh, and Bat week… awesome! I hope Batmite gets reviewed… prolly the closest I will come to him anyways.

    Shark Week is cool, but it should be Shark Week every week. I never get tired of learning about them. I have to rely on PBS for that sort of thing these days though. I watched a fascinating story about a Great White that broke the record for time being held in captivity. Ultimately they had to release it though because it started eating all of its tank-mates.

  2. Mecha-Shiva

    Tell me,what world do we live in when a guy dressed up as a bat gets all my review press?

  3. nananananananananana bat week

  4. Mario

    Can't wait, & yes, that HT '89 Batman is a must-have.

  5. In a loosely related story, OH MY GOD HOT TOYS MICHAEL KEATON BATMAN FIGURE.

    I don't care if it is $150 (or more?), I'm getting it.

  6. fengschwing

    I'm looking forwards to this…

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