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1.) Chrissy asks: Could the next Skeletor variation (Terror Claws, Dragon Blaster, etc.) use Kobra Khans forearms and shins? This would alleviate some of the fatigue of getting another standard Skeletor body with new gear. And it would look great with Demo-Man’s freaky Alfredo Alcala styled Skeletor head.

This is something we have discussed with the Four Horsemen. Only time will tell!

2.) Wally2974 asks: Is there any chance with the Batman Legacy line being so popular that we might se some sort of re-release of BatSignal Batman? At the very least I’d love another crack at getting my hands on a working Bat Signal.

While we don’t have plans for this type of re-release we are looking into other ways of getting this much requested set piece out to fans. Stay tuned.

3.) KillerBHive asks: Is it possible for Mattel (or Digital River) to look into a rollover system for subs, similiar to Big Bad Toy Store’s “Pile of Loot” where they hold items for you until you want them to ship? For example, I bought the Club Ecto-1 and Club Lion Force sub, and while both are scheduled to release their first items in January, delays can throw them off and then I’d have to pay shipping for each sub separately and any non-sub items that may be offered day of sale.

We actually did offer this in 2009 and their was so little interest that we did not continue this program after.

4.) FakeEyes22 asks: Voltron is unique in that unlike the previous subscriptions, we know the entire lineup next year, but there is no existing product to base opinions on or grant confidence. This sub is a rather huge and expensive leap of faith. Where I’m going with this is, now that the sub deadline has passed and the final product has moved along more, what else can you tell us about the 2012 Voltron that goes beyond photos and a short video–can we get a word from someone who has had some hands-on impressions from either developing or personally interacting with the toy?

Essentially the epic scale Voltron is the toy we have all waited for! Pop out transformation, pilots that fit into the Lions, flaming sword, the whole thing! This will truly be the Voltron toy you have been waiting for and we aim to deliver..

5.) Mysterious Stranger asks: Will the lower production numbers on MOTUC in 2012 affect the non-sub items like vehicles and weapons packs, i.e., will these be made in sufficient quantity to satisfy subscribers (like myself) and the sale day “cherry pickers”?

We are well aware of what the baseline is for all MOTUC items and will take that into account for non sub items.


Odds ‘n Ends for September 15, 2011


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  1. fishandcross

    I like question 5 since Mattel never addresses "fewer production numbers". Everything I've ever read on this over the last month only points to "fewer subscriptions", not total numbers. I honestly feel that demand is still pretty solid. The problem is that they are offering soooo many figures each month, that it gets really expensive for both subscribers and cherry-pickers (me). On a different note, save me money and feel free to get rid of the white mailer box—I throw away too much packaging from every purchase any given month. 😉

  2. Newton Gimmick

    That's not at all what their "roll over system" was. BBTS allows you to ship when you want, which is what Hive was talking about. In addition, even once per month would be good. Mattel's "roll over" version was that you got all your figures at the end of the year. Hardly comparable.

  3. Scott

    Answer 3 is just not true. In 2009 they offered to either ship once a month or once a year. That's hardly the same as the "pile of loot".

  4. André

    I have a bad felling about MOTUC! Why they are like disapointed with the collection?
    I know they selled less subscription that they expected, but they are like offended and seing, if you don´t buy a subscription you are not a good customer.
    And for the subscribers they said "It selled less than last year, the collection will not going on if you don´t buy 2 or 3 subscritpions or get some new customers for us!!" "you will pay more if you are not a subscriber".
    I´m a little bit disapointed with this after Sdcc!

  5. Fengschwing

    The answer to question 2 seems…odd…
    'Nope, no, not going to happen….or is it!?'
    What with all the sub shenanigans lately, I hope this isn't going to be a running theme with Matty…

    • I think it was a typo–I corrected it to "this type OF re-release" (not "or" re-release). As in, they may not re-release that particular Bat Signal, but they're looking for a way to release a Bat Signal. My guess is something for Dark Knight Rises.

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