Mattel Subscriptions Open Again (+ MOTUC Anniversary)

Just a reminder, the MOTUC, MOTUC 30th Anniversary, DCUC and Voltron subscriptions are now open. Again. Except for the 30th Anniversary One. (Side note: Why no second shot at Ghostbusters? I was actually considering adding that one.)

FYI, subs ordered separately will ship separately in January, then ship together after that.


Guest Review > SpudBob SquarePants


Pic of the Day > Guardians Spirits of the Wild 1 by Reis O’Brien


  1. Valo487

    I’m not worried, I know they’re going to make some alterations but I love the line, so I have faith.

  2. Valo487

    I’m now signed up for the MOTUC and 30th subs, although I have zero interest in Fearless Photog, so I’ll be eBaying him. Draego-Man sold me on the sub by himself.

  3. Thomas b

    Yeah I find it odd they didnt add ghostbusters to the list Again.

    I’m getting 2 of the anniversary subs. One more Voltron and one more dc sub.

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