New list at Topless Robot

A new list, penned by yours truly, is up at Topless Robot: The 6 Best (and 6 Worst) Filmation-Only He-Man Characters

I have to say, it was much easier to choose the best Filmation characters than to whittle down the list of lamest. Madame Razz and Broom just missed the cut, but I decided their role in the show was a bit too big. Loo-Kee would have been on there but he actually got a figure in the ’80s.


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  1. noveltynostalgia

    It's interesting how most of the top 6 is from PoP and most of the bottom 6 is from MotU…

  2. Dark Angel

    Poe, you simple-minded little fool (I say that with love, of course)…you forgot (“forgot” becuae OBVIOUSLY you could not have overlooked her otherwise) Huntara. Huntara is the A-Number-One best and most absolutely necessary Filmation-only character ever. EVER. Huntara.


  3. misterbigbo

    Great list, Poe. And I bet Plundor is already in the production pike. It’s just a hunch. He’ll be more popular than Mo-Larr, too.

  4. Ridureyu

    Alisa and Miguel successfully evangelized Skeletor. And since that's the last classic MOTU thing ever…

    …I kind of find that awesome.

  5. Dead Man Walking

    Great "Worst" list. I also think that large-(human)-breasted, chicken-headed, female with the affected speech could easily have been on the list.

  6. Meanwhile, the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Outback head could serve as the start of a good Joe-scale custom of Sea Hawk.

    Sea Hawk:

    Outback head:

    Of course, I'm probably literally the only guy in the world who is interested in the idea of Joe-scale He-Man figures…

  7. I'm not the biggest MOTU fan in the world. Hell, I may not have a place on a list of the one million biggest MOTU fans in the world. Nonetheless, by a funny coincidence, I just this morning watched one of the two episodes with Lizard Man. Weird. (I'm watching some episodes with my daughter for the first time in years 'cause, at age seven, she has mostly forgotten the Filmation series and completely forgotten the 2002 series).

    And I'm glad you mentioned that Plundor is a cult favorite, 'cause I've seen comments suggesting people want a figure of him, and I sure hope it's for ironic reasons. The worst thing about him is the dialogue good old Paul Dini saddled him with, including the archaic pulp method of introducing oneself; in the middle of a monologue and with no one else in the room he says, "I, Plundor"; The Rock always spoke in third person, and even he never said anything quite so self-conscious.

    • Yeah…I love Paul Dini's Batman work (cartoon and comic), but that episode of MOTU was…not his best (though it was fun). AND he gave us the Widgets.

    • The Widgets I don't remember. If they're anything like the Robo-Berbils from ThunderCats, then Dini broke even with his work on BtAS, but just barely.

    • Also, regarding your comment as to why Skeletor never used that plan before or again (erasing He-Man's memory and banishing him to another dimension), I just watched an episode wherein he created a He-Man clone… and it wasn't even his master plan for the episode. It was just some incidental thing he did when his master plan wasn't working out. Why didn't he just make an army of evil He-Men to attack Greyskull?

      Ah, overthinking children;s cartoons from 1983. 'Tis fun.

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