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  • First off, the big reveals from the Mattel panel yesterday.
  • You can find pics here and here.
  • The Wind Raider has been pushed back and the price raised to $45 (from $30 $40);
  • Stinkor is the April subscription figure, and he will feature the same smell from the vintage figure (as Mattel still has the original “recipe”)
  • The May figure will be the New Adventures character Slush Head, who will have a removable helmet for those who want to fill it with water;
  • The first large-scale beast of 2011 is Beast-Man’s Griffin from the Millennium series, which is an extensive retooling of the Battle Cat sculpt;
  • There will be Snake Mountain figure stands;
  • There will be an exclusive white Sorceress variant from the mini-comic “The Temple of Darkness” that will be available at all regional comic conventions in 2012 except SDCC. and remaining stock will be available online in December 2012;
  • The latest 30th Anniversary figure to be revealed is the ToyGuru-creator “Mighty Spector.” This reveal has had quite a backlash among MOTUC fans. Here’s the pic. Your thoughts?
  • As a few have guessed, the custom I commissioned from MasterEnglish was indeed a MOTUC Batman. Pics to come!
  • Spy Monkey Creations has a PowerCon exclusive, the Blüdsaw of Carnage. SMC is hoping to mass-produce the Blüdsaw (in other colors) later on.


The good PGPoA forums are back!


Pic of the Day > Dollar Store Alien by (Talyn)


  1. Kid Nicky

    Pretty sure I saw that douche on a chromium X-Force cover.

    BTW,I don't follow this stuff closely enough to know or care who this Scott guy is,all I know is that looks like a dumb thing to waste 30 bucks on. Maybe if it was clearance at Kmart I'd say what the hell,but why spend again,THIRTY BUCKS on this when I could probably get like three WildCATs or Youngblood figures for that amount?

  2. Andre

    I loved all figures!!! But the white Sorceress is Great, I need get her!!

    The Beast-Man’s Griffin is amazing!!! I would like to have 2 of this figure in my collection!!

  3. Dankdeadzombie

    Wow! Nice reveals… I like them all, even Spector…

    For those of you that don't, quit whining and don't buy it. If you get a 30th sub sell it. No ones holding a gun to your head. Adult collectors… Really?

    Surprised by the Griffin… Looks amazing. Slush head just proves that so far 100% of the NA figures have all been home runs! The White Sorceress looks great… I love how they put in the orb stand. Stinkor will have to air out a bit before he joins the shelf. If he smells like he did back in the day (think scratch and sniff skunk stickers, without scratching.)

    The stands are nice, but does the lava not burn ones feet? Just sayin…

    • Monkey boy

      “If you get a 30th sub sell it” yes, guarantee Mattel a sale and then bear the burden of unloading a figure nobody wants. Nobody sees a problem with this business model that basically turns customers into unpaid distributors for unwanted product?

    • c-lo

      Like season tickets? Yeah, that model never works.

  4. Mecha-Shiva

    Mighty Sphincter!Anyways,love the Griffin(it reminds me more of Blackstarr than motu 200x).

  5. RageTreb

    And wow, holy shit you guys need to pull out whatever it is that wedged so far in your ass to cause THAT much butthurt. Did you guys not understand the whole point of the 30th Anniversary figures? Am I the only one who isn't surprised it's a figure Toyguru created as a kid? Are you really such selfish nerds that you can't be happy for him? Or is it that you hate the way Spector looks because he what, doesn't have enough new tooling? Is purple? Reminds you of Deadpool? That's really enough to make you angry?

    Toyguru is a fan first and a brand manager second. We wouldn't have gotten half the figures we did if that weren't the case. Then he took a gamble and decided to add a character he made as a kid into the line and gets relentlessly shit on by collectors for absolutely no reason. Sometimes you guys really make me sick.

    • Hey, man; let's have a little less rage and a little more treb.

      If Spector had been designed by Lou Scheimer, I'd still think it was boring and lame. It's just a bad figure that seems out of place in MOTU. If it was a DCUC figure, I'd probably like it better, because it just looks like a superhero (or, really, supervillain).

      c-lo speaks the truth; any of us in ToyGuru's position would probably have been tempted to slip our childhood idea into the line, but the problem with that idea is that it's nostalgic and awesome for one person, and nobody else. Spector wasn't even one of the runners up in that original contest, so we'd have at least had a picture of him to look at for 30 years. He also didn't do himself any favors with the reveal order; putting his guy out after showing Photog (who is lame, but has mystique and nostalgia behind him) and Draego-Man, who is very cool. Probably any figure in that spot is going to have a tough row to hoe.

      Ultimately, it's not surprising that his character made it in, but it's a shame that he didn't re-evaluate his character and maybe solicit some input from some cool toy designers he knows. The thing for him to have done, IMO, is to have released a Spector that was so awesome, even the Toy Guru haters would've been lining up to buy it. Then it's a win for everybody.

    • I don't think it MATTERS what TG's design is, people would have hated it on blind hatred.

    • Monkey boy

      I mean honestly, part of why he’s being dumped on is the figure really just isn’t interesting. It’s not about new tooling or anything, it’s just drab. Which reinforces the fact that it’s a vanity project. In my opinion, due to several incidents, Mattel does not treat its fans the way a company should. They’re kind of like American car companies were for a long time: expecting loyalty without really earning it. So, and again this is just me, maybe it’s not really the time to hype up some toy that really nobody but toyguru is gonna care about. They talk such a big game at Mattel about marketability, then give their fans a figure that nobody has any reason to care about.

      And to top it off, it’s just a weak design. This is kind of Mattel proving they can release damn near anything, slap a MOTU name on it, and you’ll eat it up in your subscription. But remember, if a JLU pack didn’t sell every unit it was a failure and female figures don’t work at retail. But anyway here’s a monochromatic ninja with a gun and a vague card suit motif youve never heard of

    • FINALLY… someone with a little sense and a head screwed on right. I'm not surprised, but all the nerd rage about this figure is getting very tiresome.

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