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  • First off, the big reveals from the Mattel panel yesterday.
  • You can find pics here and here.
  • The Wind Raider has been pushed back and the price raised to $45 (from $30 $40);
  • Stinkor is the April subscription figure, and he will feature the same smell from the vintage figure (as Mattel still has the original “recipe”)
  • The May figure will be the New Adventures character Slush Head, who will have a removable helmet for those who want to fill it with water;
  • The first large-scale beast of 2011 is Beast-Man’s Griffin from the Millennium series, which is an extensive retooling of the Battle Cat sculpt;
  • There will be Snake Mountain figure stands;
  • There will be an exclusive white Sorceress variant from the mini-comic “The Temple of Darkness” that will be available at all regional comic conventions in 2012 except SDCC. and remaining stock will be available online in December 2012;
  • The latest 30th Anniversary figure to be revealed is the ToyGuru-creator “Mighty Spector.” This reveal has had quite a backlash among MOTUC fans. Here’s the pic. Your thoughts?
  • As a few have guessed, the custom I commissioned from MasterEnglish was indeed a MOTUC Batman. Pics to come!
  • Spy Monkey Creations has a PowerCon exclusive, the Blüdsaw of Carnage. SMC is hoping to mass-produce the Blüdsaw (in other colors) later on.


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Pic of the Day > Dollar Store Alien by (Talyn)


  1. RageTreb

    I've never owned any vintage MOTU figures, Stinkor included, so truth be told I don't know how bad his stink is. BUT, it really annoys me that half my figures smell like fake pine needles, and that's supposed to be the "good" smell. I really, REALLY don't want the other half to smell "bad." I honestly might have to pass on Stinkor and that really pisses me off.

    • RocketPunch

      I am happy for Toyguru, he's living the dream and getting the figure he wanted as a kid made at long last. Seriously, good for him.

      But that doesn't mean I have to like what he came up with. I'm not going to pretend to enjoy a bad design. Even the Four Horsemen mess up sometimes (200X sword for example), and letting them know about it isn't a sign of disrespect.

  2. Monkey boy

    I think the Spector backlash is kind of aimed at matty’s hubris. Are they so out of touch they think fans are gonna flip over a toy designed by one of the guys who frequently asks fans to take their lumps when it comes to this Matty debacle or that matty screw up? Surprise, fans don’t necessarily want a figure that’s just a toyguru vanity project. They say they have to do so many calculations and all this research to find out what’s marketable and what sells, and you really thought a totally new character that’s just one matty employee’s fan wank was gonna go over well? Bravo matty.

  3. I think Spector's pretty cool, certainly not rage inducing to me. I like the design way more than countless background or obscure characters that people are often pushing to get made. Granted, those are all officially MOTU in some capacity, but I'll take a gun-slinging purple guy over the pair of kid from New Adventures. I'll also accept punches to the crotch before that pair.

    The hatred makes me enjoy Spector even more and I've decided to become his greatest champion. Your anger makes my love grow stronger.

    I'd really like a more specific definition than "all regional conventions" for that Sorceress. Mattypalooza didn't hit every con, so I'm not sure. Waiting until December would be tough. The translucent wings look really great! For a straight repaint of a variant, she's the best so far.

    Wind Raider price doesn't bother me since the $40 already seemed too good to be true. That's a big vehicle with a lot of little features and details going on. These days I wouldn't expect something like that for $40 at retail even.

    I really like that they took the extra effort to make Stinkor more than a smelly parts-swap, even thought he was a really cool smelly parts-swap.

    Slush head is the definition of clever parts reuse and turned out way better than I would have imagined.

    Griffin is the definition of absolutely insane parts reuse and I think I love it. Are those Swiftwind wings?

    The sculpts of the Snake Mountain base are great. I wonder if they'll work as a group with the same shape repeating unlike the simple bricks of the first stands.

    Oh, and I think Spymonkey's set looks great and I hope they sold tons of them. It was brilliant timing to produce it and I wish the intended figure had been more well received. I like it way more than any of the included attachments

  4. Braystreet

    I think you'd probably do better than Deadpool in disguise as a member of the Blue Man group (it's not a very good disguise, admittedly, but Deadpool isn't very smart.) and you'd probably not insist on being included as a figure that people are forced to purchase in order to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of a line that most of them helped foster.

    Plus, I don't think he's supposed to be naked, but he has nipples. Through twenty waves of DCUC, only three (?) figures that were shirtless got nipples, the rest were SOL, here is a clothed figure that has nipples in a line that cost ten dollars more than the other did, and the other was available at retail.

    Well, it help makes up for the entirety of the 90's comic books where women constantly had nipples, even when wearing parkas.

  5. c-lo

    There's not a single one of us who wouldn't do the same thing Toy Guru did. Don't hate.

  6. Frogster

    For Poe or any attendees, any Thundercat reveals since this is also a Thundercon? Any news is appreciated!

    • Jonathan

      Nothing, unless perhaps they revealed something in one of the panels I missed. I felt that the cats were slightly downplayed:(

  7. Damien

    Yeah, saying it's jealousy is missing the point. I'm jealous of ALL the guys that get to design their own MOTU figures. Am I complaining about them all? No. Draego-Man is friggin' awesome. Fact is; This YET ANOTHER MOTUC figure named Spector (that alone is already unimaginative and lame) is a crappy design. It doesn't belong in MOTU and anyone at Mattel should have been able to see that well enough to stop this figure from being made.

    Scott himself should have had the good sense to not put this through. But he's got such a massive ego at this point that he just continues to do whatever the hell he wants in any line he's in control of. World class hubris and nothing more.

    • MegaGearMax

      Lt. Spector is Mighty Spector. Same character. This was revealed in a Pixel Dan Video where TG goes over the new toys.

  8. jeff

    I love the griffin and stinkor. I do wish stinkor had hordak or even beastmans feet though. Those seem to flow better for the character than the overused skelly feet.

    As for spector, he sucks. He is so bland and boring. Its not jealousy, it was only a matter of time before he got his own figure again. Im counting the guard with his face. I dont blame him for doing those things cause i would too. Its more of spector is such a bland figure that doesnt fit into the motuverse(which is a hard thing to do considering). Id rather pay for draego-mans shield for the month than get spector.

  9. Dark Angel

    ROFLMAO at the Spector figure. So this is why we got the crap "Faceless One-Now with Face!" headsculpt – so lil' Scotty could have his very own crap design in the anniversary line. Figures. This dude has treated MOTU like his personal playground from day one-one really wonders at Mattel's willingness to let one guy have so much control over a successful line (regardless of how modest the level of success may be). I barely ordered the subscription to the anniversary line this morning-had I seen ridiculous figure first, I'd have skipped it. My bad.

    So as not to be entirely negative, I do like the griffin, Stinkor and the white Sorceress. The rest aren't worth discussing.

  10. Thomas b

    Here is a pic of the batman custom

    You’re welcome Poe. It looks great and the superman one looked good too. Hell. All of his stuff was good

    • thats some beautiful work there… i hope Scotty N. paid attention. THIS is what MOTUC vs. DC should have been from Day 1…

  11. Braystreet

    Aww, man. I really wanted Stinkor. He's the only original figure I had and the only thing MOTU I've ever liked.

    I am somewhat pacified by the fact that his armor is orange. If it were red, I'd be sadder.

    I no longer want him due to his orange armor.

    • Mario


      You know, the original Stinkor's armor was orange.

    • Braystreet

      What? My Stinkor was all red where it wasn't flesh, but you're right, almost all of the pictures on Google show him with orange armor, and his staction was mostly orange too.

      Did I grow to love a miscolored knock-off or an excellent knock-off? Are any of my memories actually my own? Am I…Wolverine? I think I'm Wolverine.

    • Sounds like you or someone put Mekaneck\’s armor on your Stinkor figure…

    • Braystreet

      Still, they will suffer for not catering to the modified figure that I grew up with, as a hand-me-down, long after the original line stopped production.

      Are you sure I can't be Wolverine? My brother's been played by two separate actors across my lifetime, if that helps.

  12. JediCreeper

    I think the Spector "backlash" is just good old fashioned jealousy over the fact the neitlich is living his 8 year old dream. that's really it. now, personally, I think the figure is kinda dull, but that's mostly because photog is so weird and draego-man is so awesome… to me he looks like an off-brand deadpool, but I can see the comparisons to everything else…

    odd that a boy would make a counterpart to bow… especially if the original contest was held before she-ra was introduced… (I might be wrong on that)

    also, I think sorceress only comes with the stand, meaning those who didn't get grayskull 2.0 are hosed… unless they have access to a marble…

    I'm probably still not getting the wind raider…

    I loved all the figure reveals… I also find it interesting that Stinkor was made before mekanek (on the other hand, he's likely on his way, now that the armor is tool'd)

    • Zach S.

      I think Spector just sucks…hence the backlash…

      Oh well.

    • "Backlash" = jealousy…

      Its not a surprise that TG was going to design a figure… I'm sure no matter WHAT he came up with, people would have said that it sucked. Personally, its a bit too Marvel/X-Men-ish for my tastes, but that has nothing to do with TG or whatevs.

    • Newton Gimmick

      People probably would have said it sucks no matter what, but in this instance, they're right.

    • Jonathan

      The White Sorceress only includes the stand, not the orb.

    • MegaGearMax

      I don't think it was jealousy. At the Matty Reveal panel, before Scott explained who the character was, there was dead silence during his reveal. It was quite eerie.

  13. plannedbanter

    – Spector looks fine but I have to wonder with so few new parts, how he couldn't make the budget on Draego-Man easier. Then again, I'm sure DM's missing accessories will end up in a weapons pak at some point. I'm glad for Scott though; it has to be pretty cool to see his entry in the create-a-character contest make it in at last, even if he does resemble Grendel and Drax the Destroyer's modern look. Also, he doesn't look like a good guy to me for some reason.

    – I hope White Sorceress is at C2E2. Does she come with the blue marble or will anyone who skipped the King Grayskull reissue be hosed?

    – Stinkor's gun looks really cool. Slush Head turned out great. The Snake Mountain stands look awesome but at the cost of being less generic; I wonder if the cliff outcropping is removable.

    -$5 more on the Wind Raider isn't so bad when I would already be buying the Legion 12-pack in October. December was a lighter month so this is a strange relief.

  14. Mysterious Stranger

    LOVE the Griffin. I'll be getting as many of those as I can afford.

    That white Sorceress is about as close as we'll ever get to a movie Sorceress so I have to have her. Hopefully they'll be at Wondercon in March.

  15. Snarf! Snarf!

    Spector looks more like a Knock-off of a knock-off of Deathstroke…
    If Mattel sends me free toys I'll say Teh Mighty Spector is the bestest thing ever…

  16. Mario

    Can't wait to see that Bats!

  17. Rustin Parr

    Oh – and I really dig that Griffin

  18. Rustin Parr

    Agreed on Mighty Spector. On one hand I like that it's Scott's submission from way back when, but nowadays… just isn't working for me. I was debating about the 30th Sun add-on cause I do like Photog and NEED Draegoman, but this…. makes me worried about committing to the other 3 figures…

    And man… White Sorceress is one of the least interesting figures they've done yet, but boy do I want that pedestal….

    Also, not having been into MotU as a kid, whats the deal with Stinkor's Stink? I mean… does the whole figure just reek and we have no choice about that?

    • Jonathan

      The original Stinkor had patchouli oil mixed in with the plastic to create his scent. They are doing the same with the classics.

  19. Fengschwing

    Mighty Spector. Well, I'm no MOTUC enthusiast, but to my eyes he doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the line. He looks more DCUC, like a member of the Royal Flush gang ran at Grendle and then nicked one of Deadshot's guns.
    In fact, he looks like something you could generate yourself with Hero Machine or as an avatar for an online hero game. Which is what he is I suppose.
    Daft name too.

  20. Sephron13

    Just as an FYI, the Wind Raider was raised from $40, not $30.

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