Odds ‘n Ends > September 22, 2011

  • Toynewsi has links to new pics of the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Batman Arkham Asylum figures. I’m really looking forward to these. A lot. A lot a lot. All I need is a preorder link.
  • You may or may not have heard of the campaign to save the 3 ¾ Venture Bros. toy line. If they don’t hit a certain pre-order goal, Bif Bang Pow can’t make the line. So they’ve teamed up with Entertainment Earth to try and get those pre-orders through, and I heartily comment their effort. You can do me, EE, Jackson Publick, Bif Bang Pow, and yourself a solid by pre-ordering (via my affiliate link) right here.
  • Another day, another Arkham City Batman skin–this one for Sinestro Corps Batman. What interests me here is that here’s wearing the same suit as the DCUC figure, which, to my knowledge, has never appeared in the comics.
  • As I’ve mentioned  here and on Twitter a few times, I commissioned another custom from MasterEnglish, maker of 339/1. MasterEnglish is going to reveal said custom, which looks awesome, at PowerCon this weekend…but I couldn’t resist this little, tiny preview hint.
  • It appears that the Wind Raider has been delayed and will not be in the October 17 Mattycollector sale. No word on when it will be sold.
  • I’ve been messing around with some DCUC figures lately, and I have to say that losing the rocker ankles really hurts their poseability. I never knew how much I loved that joint until it was gone.


Pic of the Day > Don’t Make Me Uncoil the Whip by Geek Creek


Pic of the Day > He-Ro to the Rescue! by Kwehttamm


  1. Thomas b

    Poe. I have a ton of pics of your custom. It looks amazing. I'll post them when I get back on Monday or tuesday.

  2. The Sinestro Corp Batman image did briefly appear in the comics, in Green Lantern #17 to be precise. Batman is chosen to be an agent of fear but, being Batman, wills the ring from his hand.

    Still, a lot of weight for a one-page "appearance".

    • True, but the design of the outfit in that comic issue is different from the toy and the Arkham City skin. I believe (and I don't have time to dig up the quote right now) that we were specifically told by Mattel that the design came from an "upcoming storyline" and wasn't based on the Green Lantern #17 appearance.

    • Rustin Parr

      I recall them saying DC told them to use that costume – makes sense, ret-conning the "temp" costume out.

      I'm pretty surprised by the BBP thing, the required pre-order… I would figure TRU would be able to order enough to get that line out (which is how I was planning/hoping to buy them). I mean, if TRU will take the mego versions and do well with those, why not the 3 & 3/4" stuff?

    • Newton Gimmick

      I believe TRU bought stock of the Mego figures, but they didn't put money into the line. BBP put money into the Mego-like figures, but they don't want/have to put up the cash that it would take to make actual action figures.

  3. misterbigbo

    Those Square Enix figs look very neat. I especially like the Metal Gear Solid Snake I saw, but I would also like to see them in the flesh before I spent that dough.

  4. The Sinestro Corps skin should have a toy accurate upside down logo on his arm, just for kicks.

  5. megaduceflare

    As long as they don't push the Raider to January (that month is going to hurt), I can live with the delay.

  6. toyman

    The Wind Raider being delayed is good news IMO because October already has waaaaay too much going on. I'm very tempted to get the ghost trap but the Legion pack can blow, especially for that price. As far as the Venture Brothers, I have no idea what the hell that even is but I don't watch TV so that's not surprising. Good luck to anyone that's a fan but screw Bif Bang Pow. They half-assed my Big Lebowski line and it won't be soon forgotten.

  7. Gotta say, $9.99 for an all new 3 3/4 sculpt isn't bad these days, especially for a specialty company.
    I may have to consider this.

    And yeah, the rocker ankles certainly added something nice. It's a shame it was taken away, since I have yet to have any loose DCUC ankles, unlike the MOTUC problems we've seen.

    I've got guesses for the custom, but I dont want to ruin it or look like an idiot. One guess would involve translucent casting, so it's unlikely.

  8. Mario

    My guess is… a Masters of the Universe Classics Batman figure. I just know it.

    Also, the link for the Batman skin is the same as the TNI Play Arts link.

  9. Newton Gimmick

    Venture Brothers is at 3% of 100% and they're tallying the votes in October? BifBangPow really needed to get the word out about this better. They basically had to be dragged kicking and screaming to even do 3 3/4 figures. Had they announced at SDCC that you needed to preorder these figures to get them made, people would have jumped I think. Now all this time later, they want to beg for pre-orders.

    It's kind of confusing too, because I know several online stores have put in orders for the figures… But the V is only at 3%? Is that counting all of Big Bad Toy Store's preorders?

    I put in my preorder for what it's worth, but I just think BBP didn't promote this properly at all. They've been against their own line, which boggles the mind, since it's inception. Now they want my support?

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