The good PGPoA forums are back!

After my ill-advised experiment with a new forum format, I’ve brought back the old one–complete with the old posts. Enjoy!

>>The Poester Gallery<<


Pic of the Day > He-Ro to the Rescue! by Kwehttamm


Odds ‘n Ends > PowerCon Edition


  1. Thrawn

    Finally!! The old forums are back!! I agree completely with FakeEyes22. Hoo-ray!!

  2. noveltynostalgia

    Was the site traffic down because of the lack of forums… or the lack of reviews by Poe? :p

  3. The old forum! Nice. I apologize for not using the new version as much, as I blame myself for being inept at using it well.

    I'm alright with the new comments since I can use twitter. I'm not aware of what the drawbacks are.

  4. Dead Man Walking

    Now can we get the better comment section back?

    • Maybe. I switched to IntenseDebate for its ability to allow people to login via social media and its threaded replies.

      It does, however, lack a rich toolbar and the ability to edit. Would people prefer we go back to the old comment system?

    • I prefer the old system slightly more, but this one is fine by me too.

    • Newton Gimmick

      I prefer the Intense Debate comment system myself, but that's just because it's what I naturally use and use over at Infinite Hollywood, so I'm always logged in.

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