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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT

Submitted by: JF

What It’s Supposed to Look Like: This

JF writes: “Here’s a Transformers 3 Laserbeak with a junker G1 Shockwave instead. Oh Target!”


Pic of the Day > EVA-01 Awakening Ver. New Movie Edition by -Sylvan-


Odds ‘n Ends > September 6, 2011


  1. Fries Against

    These customer service broads must be half retarded. All it takes is a 10th of a second glance to see what's in the package doesn't match up with what's pictured on the package. 9 out of 10 customer service women are ghetto ass hillbilly bitches. Probably why they get pregnant so often.

  2. $10 for a parts-Shockwave? Sold.

  3. Mose

    I’m surprised they’d even take that back. All you have to do that a look at the pictures on the back and compare them to what’s being returned in package.

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