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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT

Submitted by: JW

JW writes:

So I’ve recently started collecting Transformers, including the Human Alliance stuff from the movies (quality of the films aside, the HA figures are wonderful toys). I’ve managed to track down every figure released so far except the original screen-accurate releases of the twins–until this morning. At my local Walmart (where else?) I found Skids just sitting on a shelf. Box is a little damaged but he’s clearanced down to $25 from $30 AND he’s two years old AND I want him real bad…so who cares about a crushed box? I’m excited.

I get to work, pull him out of the package to size up my new prize–aaaaaaaaaaand it’s not a crushed box. It’s a STABBED box. And the Megan Fox driver figure has been ripped out.

God. Damn. It.

(Yes the human figures are ass, but I did at least want the two main characters.)

If I may? Since he obviously has such an (understandable) aversion to the twins, may the blighter be tied to a chair and forced to rewatch all of the Skids / Mudflap scenes from Revenge of the Fallen. On a loop. For a month.

Or be crushed when his Decepticon car spontaneously transformers with him it.

Either / Or.


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  1. FakeEyes22

    HA!! I just got home from buying this same toy, although my experience started with me taking advantage of one store's error and then becoming an anti-troll at another. Luckily, mine is complete.

    On Friday, I went to a beat up K-Mart that has had this Skids for quite some time at the regular $30. I've been waiting for it to go on clearance, since I've been into getting all sorts of super-cheap ROTF stuff since I had no interest in most of it at full price.

    They must have realized how old it was and just put the name "Human Alliance Skids" on clearance since although this ROTF version was gone, they had a DOTM repaint for $7.99.

    I wanted the green version and I remembered that a Walmart around has had a Green Skids in a DOTM box since day 1 of the new film's product launch. There's a troll around here that works like the Flash for results like that. There was a yellow Bumblebee as well on launch day.

    Just 2 hours ago, I walked into Walmart without a receipt and my DOTM Skids in my cart, placed my perfectly good Skids on the shelf and took the repack home with me. It's been sitting there forever while the black versions have been log gone, so I think I did them a favor by giving them a properly new toy that is supposed to retail for $30 while removing something that looked like garbage on their shelf. This was self serving, so I suppose I earn some troll points myself.

    The little Megan Fox is pretty awful, which means something since most of the Human Alliance figures are barely better than the Homies in the gumball machines.

  2. americanhyena

    In retrospect (given the small pile of completely ignored human figures in my closet) I should have kept the Damn thing instead of returning it.

  3. Ridureyu

    Someone likes Megan Fox a little more than is healthy.

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