Pic of the Day > munsters herman by PaulNomad

munsters herman


Pic of the Day > Diamond Select Universal Monsters – The Mummy [Exclusive] by Ed Speir IV


Pic of the Day > The Monster by Inanimate Life Photography


  1. I can hear him laugh whenever I look at the picture.

    Nice work, Nomad!!


  2. Zach S.

    I bought Herman, and he's a damn fine figure. I might need to go back and pick up Grandpa now…

  3. Matt K

    Nice to see that there is some decent articulation on Herman.

  4. Megatheruim

    Super-poseable Munsters FTW!!!! haha I just hope they make the rest of the cast.

    • Megatheruim

      I see in that photo stream that, in fact, they are. :p

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