Odds ‘n Ends > November 2, 2011

  • Yesterday Warner Bros announced they had extended their master toy license deal with Mattel. Hardly a surprise with Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel on the way, but good news for those of us who love Four Horsemen sculpting on DC toys. Speaking of, I sincerely hope the Horsemen will be working on the DKRises Movie Masters toys. Not sure if that’s been confirmed yet.
  • BigBadToyStore has the next (and final?) wave of Batman Legacy figures up for preorder. Enchanted Toy Chest should have them soon as well.
  • Pics of the upcoming G.I. Joe Zombie-Viper surfaced yesterday. (And some guy named Edwin “Lifeline” Steen.) The zombie looks incredibly awesome. This is how it’s done, Todd.
  • I hadn’t even heard about this until yesterday, but NECA is offering an incredible in-scale Da Vinci Flying Machine from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. It doesn’t come with an Ezio figure, but if you have one it will fit in the machine. It’s only available via preorder from Gamestop.
  • Due to NYCC, I forgot to submit a Q&A to Mattel for November 1, but you can see a roundup of the rest of them here. I didn’t find any answers particularly earth-shattering, but it’s interesting to see they’re committed to continuing Ghostbusters past 2012. The prop replicas are selling out and are apparently pretty cool, but the figures seem to be tanking.
  • The fully-painted “Infinity Edition” of Outer Space Men phases three and four will go up for preorder on 11/11.


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  1. AmericanHyena

    Heh. I'm WAY more excited for Lifeline than I am for the zombie. In fact, Lifeline will the first new G.I. Joe figure I break down and buy since I was a kid. He's always been a favorite of mine. (I'm a sucker for Search and Rescue characters.)

  2. Mario

    Yay! More OSM goodness!

  3. Newton Gimmick

    More people probably own Ghostbusters now than ever. Mattel should make the new pricepoint $8, lol.

    I suspect Mattel is just putting on a happy face as it pertains to the GBs but have no intention of selling much else in the 6 inch scale and just hoping and praying that GB3 coes out while they still have the license. Then maybe we'll see some new stuff.

    • Mysterious Stranger

      "Ghostbusters 3" is the "Chinese Democracy" of the movie world.

      I bit on the $8 GB figures (and a $24 12" Egon). I passed on Louis Tully initially so getting him for super cheap worked out for me. Also snagged a couple of proton stream Peter (for the proton streams) and a regular Egon for the PKE meter. So look for a lot of loose "clean" Venkman figures on ebay in the coming weeks as I suspect I'm not the only one to nab him for his accessory.

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