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  • PGPoA Power Pal Lemonjuice McGee has the scoop on the new 2012 6″ ThunderCats figures, including the classic Mumm-Ra and Lion-O. There are pics and an interview with Bandai’s Brehan Maul. While I like the 8″ figures, it’s cool to think I’ll be able to put Lion-O alongside Batman and Wolverine. It sounds like we might get an 8″ Cheetara, however, perhaps as an exclusive.
  • In one of the best Thwipster toy deals I’ve seen yet, they’ve got the Play Arts Kai Master Chief from the original Halo for 45% off. This is one deal I’m taking advantage of (sort of–I asked Dr. Mrs. Ghostal to get it for me for Xmas).


Happy Snout Spout Day!


Hi-Res ThunderCats Pics


  1. Andre

    For me the new lion-o´s head is horrible!!

    I really would like to get Thundercats figures, but the Bandai´s are terrible. I got the exclusive Lion-o and Tygra 8", but booth figures have no details enough to start a collection in my opinion, and I already selled booth.

  2. toyman

    The scale switch is annoying as hell. The original LJN figures were larger than other toys at the time like MOTU so why can't they be larger now? This whole "I want to mix display all my figures together so I want them all the same scale" thing weirds me out. Maybe I'm in the minority but I keep my toy lines seperate yo. I'll still pick these up, but the scale change and it irks me that they only release two at a time.

    Mumm-Ra looks amazing. Lion-O is cool and his new head is interesting but an original expression one should be included.

  3. RocketPunch

    I don't like that new Lion-O's head. And Mumm-Ra is missing his cape.

    I hope they release an 8" Mumm-Ra, since he is supposed to be taller than the Thundercats.

  4. Sooo, 6 inch is better! Good thing I bought the 2 8" figures. I bet the suggested 8" Cheetara will be released in some manner that's got the insane price tag of the SDCC Lion-O.

    Oh well, at least the 8" Lion-O is still kind of cool to have. Stores won't be able to give away all the 8" Tygras that already clog pegs.

    Hoping 6" Lion-O's smaller sword won't droop as much.

  5. Mark

    I can't wait to get the Thgundercats stuff, not long until it is released here in the UK. I liked the 8" figures but 6" is better.

  6. The switch from eight inch to six inch is about the most annoying thing I've heard lately, having already bought Lion-O & Tygra. I was planning to happily display the 'Cats & their foes with He-Man, Skeletor & friends. Personally, I'm not taking a chance on this new scale. Fool me once, shame on……… shame on you. Fool me, can't get fooled again.

    • ero

      Exactly. Really irked by this. And that new Lion-O head? There's no way I'll buy it. Guess that's it for Classics. Nice to have the two, but definitely deflating news.

  7. Mecha-Shiva

    What a rip!I stalked like 3 stores for the 8 inch ones and paid 20 each,Damn you BANDAI!So when are these coming out?Love the sculpts and angry lion-o seems more dynamic and fitting for battle scenes.

  8. misterbigbo

    So did Bandai just put Lion-O in the drier for too long? It’s too bad they didn’t take the opportunity to change their Classics look.

  9. Thrawn

    So am I to understand that the Thundercats classic figures will now be in scale with the motuc figures? If so that's good news. I passed on them when I saw they incompatible with my motuc figures.

  10. fengschwing

    That Master Cheif works out at 18 quid for me, the same damn price as a DCUC figure over here, steal! That said, it looks like they don't ship to the UK. Crap!

  11. Dead Man Walking

    Dope Master Chief figure, but I don't collect anything in that scale, so I gotta pass.

    6" is a plus for the TC line, but that sculpting and plastic still leave a lot to be desired for me.

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