Yet another new list at Topless Robot

I’ve got another new list up at TR:

8 Reasons Why The Monster Squad is Better than The Goonies

For the record, my original title was “8 Reasons Why The Monster Squad is More Fun than The Goonies” but I get why Rob changed it–“better” is much more provocative. I’m not sure The Monster Squad is a better film than The Goonies, but I definitely find it more fun.

I expected to be vilified for this one, but so far I’m surprised by the support Monster Squad is getting in the comments.


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  1. Thrawn

    Monster Squad is one of my favorite movies, period. I do think it's a better movie than Goonies and more fun.

    There isn't a wasted scene or moment missed in Monster Squad. It's tight from beginning to end.

    Of course the Goonies is also a great movie too.

    Both of these movies have aged very well too. I can still watch both of them and enjoy every minute.

    So it probably just comes down to personal preference. I love both movies a lot, but the Universal Monsters top the Goonies for me.

    @ FakeEyes

    Yes, one of the biggest draws for Monster Squad is that the kids talk and act like actual kids. That is very rare to find in movies.

  2. Monster Squad is a classic. I love that movie. Goonies seems like something that takes place in my parents era, and I can't relate to that. I don't think I've ever even managed to make it all the way through.

  3. clark

    When I was a kid it's possible that I would have said 'Goonies' was the better movie (but maybe not), however as an adult I will always be willing to watch 'Monster Squad.'

  4. That was a great list!

    I thought that instead of a ranking with the inevitable "but you forgot ____" response, using the list as bullet points to support an opinion made it one of the most interesting TR lists yet. It works well and I think it can be applied to other movies/brands/cartoons/toylines.

    And I agree about the "more fun" part. As a kid, Monster Squad taught me what a virgin was, which is odd. As an adult who finally rewatched it this year, I was immediately surprised by how realistic the kids' behavior was. You don't see that too often any more.

  5. Braystreet

    I've always meant to make a YouTube video showing this, but has anyone ever noticed that the "Wolfman's Got Nards!" scene is identical to Samuel L. Jackson's death in Deep Blue Scene in terms of set-up and follow through?

    Great list, thanks.

  6. ero

    You broke my heart today, Poe.

  7. toyman

    Nice list Poe, well thought out. I have to disagree with you completely, however… lol

    The Goonies is one of my all time favs with great acting and one-liners. Never cared for The Monster Squad, especially the whole Wolfman's nards thing. Who the hell says "nards"?! It's 'NADS, short for gonads obviously.

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