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Mr. Potato Head is spruced up for the holidays with all new mix ‘n match parts for some Christmas fun!

Whenever a new Mr. Potato Head arrives, I am driven by some bizarre compulsion to go out and get him. Of course you might wonder why Hasbro is releasing Mr. Potato Head dressed up as a fir Christmas tree. Mr. Potato Head is no stranger to special Holiday editions. Hasbro has already covered Christmas with Santa Spud — a MPH dressed as Santa Claus, but rather than just release the same old potato they opted for a new idea!

Holiday Spud comes with a tree hat and a tree belt which are completely unique sculpts. Also included are eyes, arms, moustache, nose, mouth, feet, and of course the potato head body. He doesn’t come with as many extra parts like you might find in a standard MPH set (like his ears), but he is a few bucks cheaper.

There isn’t much to speak of in terms of paint, except a little snow on the branches and at the top of the tree. Also the ornaments are painted different solid colors. What I found a little disappointing is that there are more ornaments sculpted on the hat and belt than what have been painted. It would have been nice to see them all colored in.

Earlier this year it was announced that Mr. Potato Head would be recieving a makeover and now has a slimmer look, more accessory holes, and legs! This new “trim” MPH body was first seen in SpudBob SquarePants and now the new standard MPH toys that have been showing up in stores.

Since I began collecting toys as an adult I’ve made it something of a tradition to pick up a holiday themed toy just about every year. So now alongside McFarlane’s Twisted X-Mas Santa Claus and Reindeer Rudy, the Round 2 Rankin-Bass Frosty the Snowman, and MPH Santa Spud, this year I’m happy to add Holiday Spud to my collection!

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  1. JeffS

    Nice to see another fellow "Spud" collector 🙂 My favorite this year was the monster Halloween Spud – such a fun original design.

    • Hey! Thanks for reading! I have an on again / off again obsession with the spud spanning about a decade. I picked up the Halloween MPH, but sadly I haven't even opened him.

  2. I gotta be honest… there's something about that green mustache that is off to me… it just… makes me uncomfortable somehow.

    And what is meant by the new having legs? Does that mean they are separate from one another and/or articulated? Or simply just that the "classic" version was feet/shoes only?

    • Yeah… the moustache is kind of unsettling! 🙂

      Its kind of hard to describe the anatomy. I guess the best way to say it is that the old MPH just had "feet" and the new MPH's come with the same "feet" but now have "legs". Its still simply one solid plastic piece, no articulation or anything, it just makes him a little taller.

      Check out my "Spud Bob" review for pics and comparison…… I haven't gotten around to picking up the new standard MPH, but when I do I'll have to do another review! 😉

  3. I understand the need for cost-cutting measures, and I can even overlook the lack pf paints apps on some of the ornaments, crappy though that is.

    But no ears? Geez….

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