What’s Going On? No, seriously–what is going on here?

UPDATE: Some Poesters feel very strongly that the original video, complete with credits, be given its due. Very well.

My college roommate Jim passed this on to me. Evidently when you go to the Black Brewing Company’s website and are prompted to confirm that you’re over 21 (you may need to disable Adblock to see the pop-up), if you say you’re under 21, the above video is what you see.

It’s actually not working right now, and it’s a cinch that Classic Media/Mattel–to say nothing of 4 Non Blondes–will eventually threaten legal action, so enjoy it while you can!

Oh, and as to what the holy hell is is–that I don’t know.



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  1. ferris

    No matter how many times I see this, the first bit with the chef always makes me laugh.

  2. Dark Angel

    And now its my turn to eat crow! Slackcircus still exists, has their own YouTube channel, and here is their original upload! http://youtu.be/FR7wOGyAzpw

    …also, I have no life. *sobs*

  3. Dark Angel

    Ah, Poe…yeah, somebody got up to some editing shenanigans and managed to remove the credit for who made the vdeo, not to mention the entire openin verse of the song. It is as old as the hills in internet time, and was originally created by SlackCircus. The original version can be seen at:

    I'd forgotten it but some nut posted it in gawker.com's comments the other day which inspired me to share it with the Unreal Board (to GREAT acclaim, needless to say). I wouldn't worry too much about legal action from 4 Non Blondes – the only one I know for a fact is still active* in the industry is lead singer Linda Perry, and she is a very cool lady who probably is down with it if she cares or even knows at all. As for Classic Media, the orginal version's YouTube page gives them credit, so I assume its in the clear (and should have a parody exemption anyway).

    Research, buddy! It ain't just for journalism class! 😉

    *"active" is kinda putting it mildly – she's written some of the biggest hits of the past decade for various artists: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Perry

    • I'm not going to apologize for not doing "research" on a goofy Youtube video…I have little enough for this blog as it is… 😛

    • Dark Angel

      You know I am just giving you a hard time! …I hope?

    • Oh…haha, yes, of course I knew that! Excuse me, I just need to make a quick phone call. Totally not to a hitman I hired or anything.

    • Dark Angel

      Don't cancel! That would be the best xmas present ever!

    • Newton Gimmick

      Only if the hitman was SCUD!

    • Oh, and for the record, I do know that the guitarist for 4 Non Blondes later played with Storm, Inc. See! I know things!

  4. Mecha-Shiva

    Here's the complete version…

  5. You're missing the beginning!

  6. An oldie, but a goodie.

    Is it wrong that I've always liked this song by The Four Non Blondes?

  7. Nik

    Yeah this is an Internet classic. I love the random Skeletor “Myeehhhhhhhh”

  8. Goblin

    It's good, but nothing is as good as Brokeback Snake Mountain!

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      Ah! Good old Brokeback snakemountain… No longer on YouTube… But available on Spike TV's Website…

  9. dean

    I laughed so hard…f'n high larry us.

  10. Merso

    Heh, that is super old actually. It's a video from the Prince Adam's Blog, which was pretty funny too.

  11. Michael

    AHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WTF?!? That's hilarious!!! I love when Skeletor randomly joins in singing!!!

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