Battle Beasts to return on April 12, 2012?

I was perusing the Battle Beasts News and discovered something I’d completely missed: a countdown timer for Battle Beasts from Diamond Select. (Or supposedly from Diamond Select–BBN says Diamond posted it, but I couldn’t find the original link.) It appears to be set for April 12, 2012. What will happen on that day? BBN speculates that there will be some sort of announcement at C2E2, which begins the 13th.

What will it be? More of the Minimates-style Battle Beasts we’ve seen so far? Or the even more awesome fully-sculpted figures they showed at SDCC 2010?

As a reminder, I’m not sure we’ve ever confirmed whether Diamond Select has the rights to anything aside from the trademark name “Battle Beasts”–i.e., they may not have the rights to any of TakaraTomy’s character designs.


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  1. Dead Man Walking

    For the sake of my wallet I hope it's the Minimates version, because I have no interest in those.

  2. Ridureyu

    Are they going to be able to get the rights out of the Transformers franchise, though?

    • Do they need to? I mean, they've already got the Battle Beasts rights…

    • Ridureyu

      It just seems like the kind of thing that will turn out to be a huge legal tangle.

  3. I wasn't thrilled by the minimate Battle Beast, partially because it seems like the same figure's been popping up in different colors for what seems like forever. It's still nice, but not really for me. Maybe

    Somehow I missed the SDCC pics. Those are really cool! And large. You can't beat an octopus with a pistol and armor that resembles a diving helmet. I kind of wish they were smaller, but it gives the minimates a purpose as the avenue for a larger variety. I'm interested now.

    I'm not seeing any faction symbols, though. Maybe Takara owns that aspect of the toys? How am I supposed to know that WOOD BEATS WATER?

    • Well, the SDCC figures were just prototypes (I assume), so the final figures could definitely be smaller.

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