No Questions for Mattel

Though I know it will cost me some traffic, I’ve decided to stop submitting questions to Mattel for the time being.

There are a few reasons for this, but the two main ones are:

1.) Too frequently, the answers are evasive or unsubstantial. (Besides, many times the same questions get asked by other sites anyway.)

2.) And yes, it’s a little bit because I was miffed by this. If that makes me seem petty, so be it. But at some point you’re done baling and you’ve reached the last straw, y’know?

That’s not to say that something could change–I’m more than willing to listen to some positive outreach from Mattel. But for now, I’m going to focus on getting more interviews with other industry players, like the upcoming pieces I have with the folks behind Battlegrip and October Toys.

If you have questions you really want to ask Mattel, there are many, many other sites that do the Q&As (and more every month).


Review > King Grayskull (Reissue) (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)


Pic of the Day > Ashley Wood’s World War Robot – 1/12 Dropcloth [Jungler Variant] by Ed Speir IV


  1. dean

    Thanks for proving once again why your site is one of my favorites. Shill sites and corporate mouthpeices are among my biggest pet peeves in our hobby. You will never be either of those. Thank you sir.

  2. Caaarrrrlllll

    FINALLY someone in the toy blog scene puts their money where their mouth is with Mattel.

    Scott and the others are incredibly petty and the way this was handled for you is EXACTLY how others have been treated OVER and OVER again for YEARS now. Mattel and the MOTUC fans, especially at matty and another org that talks about men of he, it's like battered wife syndrome, and it just has to stop.

    I come to check this site out every day and won't stop because of the Q&A.

    I dropped the sub because of their really snotty attitude and the increases in price, while the QC goes down. I was completist from 2008 to last year. I still love the toys but it feels dirty to own them, and anyone who defends Mattel is just stupid, plain and simple. Stupid.

    The Q&A is just a Q&Q because it's all either doublespeak, or non-answers. DR is just incompetent, month after month, for YEARS and Matty doesn't care because they're cheap and doesn't want to sign with another company.

    Prices go up, and they cry over and over "the line is gonna die if you don't commit to a sub!" – then 3-4 months later, we're reminded, "the line is doing great!" WTF?!?!

    It's called Panic or Rarity Marketing and it's a very dishonest practice.
    We all know MOTUC is made by machines (NOT by hand Scott) and sweatshop factory children (if it's not true Scott then give us some photos of the factory!) and is handled by a bloated corporate middleman (DR folks, you should include a hand written note in every box and blow us kisses on the phone, THANKING us collectors for buying this stuff, and be THANKFUL you have employment at all in these hard times, instead of being such f-ers)

    Mattel makes so much profit on MOTUC it's disgusting. Their attitude towards guys like Poe, who do *free PR for them every week* is just insulting. These people like Scott and Mattel and DR, they're the folks that make America a worse place. Living off the fat of the land and being self-rightous about it. These are the people who should be fired and the jobs given to honest, hard workers who need a chance.

    I am glad to see Poe still has his manhood and ethics, unlike so many other apologist sites that talk about fweshing around or how's it might be true. Or the worst one would be the red insiders who are just reposting press releases for free toys and are smug jerks. Their sites are just shilling for Mattel nowadays and it's disgusting. Maybe they're OK folks to talk to, but they're not doing the right thing by their readers. Bravo Poe and thanks for your years of integrity and honesty!!

    • Tribsaint

      Ok a little torch and pitchforky, but hey I got marshmallows and matches so I’m in.

  3. André

    I agree with Poe. I hate reading the same answers for different questions all times, all sites. "No, we have no plans for it" "Maybe, it´s a good sugestion" "We will show on SDCC" "the collection will keep the classic style" . If I have already saw one return of Mattel, I saw all of them.

  4. I for one will not miss the Q&A's. I remember I used to wait with bated breath for every press release or Q&A and hang on to every single word like it was gospel… now I just DGAF.

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