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  • Mattel says that the sales of the Wind Raider were “okay,” but evidently not enough to merit a vehicle in 2012 (though they’re not ruling it out for 2013). Like many others, I’m mystified as to why a sellout of a few hours days translates to “okay.” Apparently, if people aren’t fighting the WSOD for the twenty minutes the item is on sale, Mattel isn’t happy. Bizarre. I’d love an explanation of this. It’s like that toy company exec in The Simpsons episode “Grift of the Magi” when he’s watching people riot at a store where his toy, Funzo, has gone on sale: “I’d still sleep a little easier if I saw some trampling.” CORRECTION: The Wind Raider took three days to sell out. But it still sold out. How is does that make the sales “okay”? Did they want people to order more than they had?…don’t answer that.
  • The creepily realistic Steve Jobs 12″ figure is no more.
  • I think I already mentioned this, but there is a very big, very cool Glyos drop coming this Friday.
  • It’s like a box of army men, but zombies! Check out the Box O Zombies, now on sale for $14.99.
  • I’ve got my own review coming, but be sure to check out Michael Crawford’s review of Spy Monkey Creations’ amazing new, factory-produced, Glyos/OSM-compatible accessories.
  • I’m going to try to write up my own review of the new American Pickers-style show Toy Hunters, but Cool and Collected has a great recap–recommended reading!
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  1. Tribsaint

    Mattel sucks….now change the subject box of zombies is cool, but way overpriced. I mean 6 2.5in solid plastic zombies is BS at 14.99 + 4.99 S&H. I know small company, limited run, specialty item, limited marketing, tool costs, oil prices up, Arab spring, it’s more art than toy, solar flares, blah blah blah. Whatever, how about competitive reasonable pricing? No I don’t expect them to be 3 bucks like the bag of grocery store toy aisle soldiers…but I figured you’d at least get 30 or so zombies for the 20 spot you’re going to blow. I mean I guess I should be used to this new your lucky we’re letting you buy anything from us attitude that most toy companies seem to have. I mean inflation since 2000 is like 6% or a total inflation of 30%, but a legends style 6in is at least 200% more and all the frills are gone…..

  2. TheFlashIII

    Toy Guru is saying the same thing about the DC sub. He says the numbers aren't there to do any new tooling for 2012, but maybe in 2013. So after releasing a bunch of figures with all borrowed parts in 2012, he expects MORE people to sign up for a 2013 sub? Where does he expect these people to come from? Hardcore fans are all signed up. Plus, I'm assuming the subs will start in August, so we will only have 4-5 figures, since it doesn't start until April. He's just making excuses for Matty's greediness–I'd be surpised to see any more DCUC after this year, and I'd say MOTUC has maybe a year after that.

    • He stated that every figure in the DCUC sub will be made from reused parts? Even heads? That can't be true. I mean, we already know it isn't for some of the revealed figures.

  3. I think Mattel's viewpoint seriously messed up. It's like in the movie world where a big summer movie can make it's money back with a profit, but if it it didn't live up to expectations, it's a failure. For some reason, whomever is in charge seems to think that if something isn't sold out in hours or a day or whatever, it's a failure.

  4. ADPriceless

    I suppose just because they sold out doesn't mean it was a financial success? Maybe they priced it incorrectly and weren't making enough of a margin on each unit?

    Even though it sold out maybe it was 'in demand' enough to justify the small profit made?

    I guess the single use tooling really hurts the item as well in terms of the $$$.

    Who knows – I'm just guessing – however sounds like Mattel's mistake not the fans…..

  5. Valo487

    But if that was the case, why wouldn’t they give Poe a replacement after he mailed his back?

    • Newton Gimmick

      Agreed, it doesn't make sense, but neither does the other option. Since we know Mattel is prone to do this, I tend to believe that it's the more plausible situation. I suppose we'll see if Mattel trots another Wind Raider out in a few months.

      But remember, even though Poe didn't get a replacement, even with a full sell out, Mattel SHOULD have had several set aside for replacements. Like, hundreds if we're following what they've said in the past. So there's really no reason why Poe didn't get a replacement, other than Mattel just doesn't care and it's a LOT easier to just refund the Wind Raider. $40 doesn't mean squat to them one way or the other. This was the quickest way to solve the issue and actually saves them money, because they would have had to eat another shipping charge if they sent him a new one.

      So it was best on Mattel not to send a replacement.

    • Again, to be fair, I blame Digital River's terrible customer service more than Mattel for cancelling the replacement. If I had called the Escalation Department right away, I probably could have gotten the replacement sent out. But I think the replacement Wind Raiders are there.

      As it turned out, my wife was able to buy me an opened-package-but-otherwise-perfect Wind Raider on eBay for $5 less total (w/ shipping) than she paid for it on Mattycollector.

  6. Newton Gimmick

    It's simple, the Wind Raider didn't sell out. Mattel just pulled it. Perhaps due to slow sales?

    That can be the only explanation. Remember, Mattel constantly pulls items and says they are "sold out". Otherwise, what you said is true. If Mattel has 5,000 Wind Raiders and they sell out in 3 days, that's still a sell out.

    I suspect it's the former. They didn't sell out and will trot the Wind Raider out again later.

    • Monkey boy

      Then why couldn’t Poe get an exchange for his faulty wind raider? Also, to pull a product down after only a few hours is a very stupid idea.

    • Newton Gimmick

      It's Mattel.

  7. Dark Angel

    The idea that this perceived underperformance is why there is no 2013 vehicle is a lie in any event. I cannot be bothered to track it down (in no small part because HOLY SHIT keeping track of all his lies, obfuscations, backtracking and "miscommunications" would be a full goddamn time job) , but Nietlich went on record during the 'cons saying there would be no vehicle for '12 because of Granamyr – yet another figure no one asked for.

    • toyman

      I remember him saying that. Although IMO, Granamyr will be pretty cool. 🙂

    • That's fair enough, I guess. Personally I am excited for Granamyr, though I'd much rather have gotten the Tyrantisaurus.

    • Dark Angel

      OK – I was harsh on Granamyr. I cop to that. But he is by no means a highly requested figure.

      …but Poe – you ARE still excited about something to do with this line! That makes me glad, though I know it is silly. You and your reviews are what sold me on the line to begin with, so its been a bit disheartening having you admit your interest is on the wane. Particularly when I cannot in good conscious defend it.

  8. I'd call it a fantastic sellout if there wasn't one left for Poe to exchange his for. There have been a few goofs I've seen to eat up customer service stock, but the overall QC problems seemed pretty mild considering, you know, it SOLD OUT.

  9. toyman

    You took the words out of my mouth, Poe. "Okay", huh? Considering it was a high priced item and they upped it by 5 bucks before the sale date, I'd say a sellout in a couple hours is pretty damn good.

  10. Valo487

    I think it’s more a case of Mattel shifting the blame. There were several reports of issues with the Wind Raider as well as yours Poe, and I think the numerous QC complaints and shipping errors that I keep reading about are the problem. Essentially I think they got annoyed and decided it wasn’t worth their time, especially since they couldn’t put it in their precious subscriptions they keep steering everone to. I think it boils down to Matty not wanting to deal with their own mistakes. What else is new?

  11. Braystreet

    There's two things that need to be noted about the Wind Raider.

    1. Mattel are like a terrorist organization. They thrive on fear and paranoia. They seem to legitimately believe that if the fans don't believe the line to be in danger at every moment, they'll stop buying, and so to avoid that, they create an atmosphere of constant stress and "under-performance" of the line. I've never seen them say anything positive about the performance of the line or even the sale speed of a specific item. They even poo-pooed the number of 2012 subscriptions then said it was the highest they've had, if I recall correctly.

    I sincerely expect to find out one day that Mattel was run by a disfigured man in a shiny metal helmet that was backed by a Scottish gunrunner and a schizophrenic biker the whole time.

    2. I imagine that the 2012 line is completely and totally finalized, long before they could hope to factor in the sales of the Wind Raider, and it was considered too much of a risk to include another without that information. I've no doubt that the 2013 line will feature a vehicle of the same size or sort as a Wind Raider.

  12. Monkey boy

    A sellout is a sellout, no? Of you sold all you put on sale, how is that “okay”? Seriously. “Not enough yelling and bitching guys, better luck next time.”

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