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  • I haven’t received a single submission for the Odds ‘n Ends contest yet! Is it too difficult, what with the photo-taking and the Photoshopping? I’m willing to consider changing the rules.
  • For those of you who want a set of the flesh-colored OMFG but didn’t contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, they’re now up for sale in October Toys’ online store at $10 apiece.
  • Onell Design has a really cool drop (i.e., sale) coming up this Friday, including their new “Core Block” item. These sales are generally one-time deals (with a few exceptions), so be sure to check it out. It doesn’t say what time, but I think they’re usually at 9pm ET.
  • Pixel Dan has posted video reviews of Shadow Weaver, Fearless Photog and Fisto. On a related note, you can finally see all of Dan’s MOTU-related reviews in one place: http://blip.tv/powerandhonor/ He also has general reviews of toys here.
  • Mattel updates: Demo-Man will ship after the Star Sisters. Also: expect more delays in the future.
  • NECA has a Jason figure from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Here’s his head. I’m waiting/hoping for a new Jason from Part VI.
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  1. Billy Brown

    Wow. ToyGuru needs to stay away from the keyboard. I understand that there may be delays from time to time but that should be said in the subscription description for one and for another he should not talk down to the subscribers like that. I don't think I would mind too much when a figure got shipped to me personally as long as I don't get charged for it ahead of time. But to berate customers that are just asking if there was a solution is terrible PR. I don't understand why shipping can't be combined just because they were from two different years but if that is indeed the case all he had to say was something along the lines of, "Shipping unfortunately cannot be combined for Demo-Man and BG Evil-Lyn because they are from two different subscription years. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion the delay may have caused but they unfortunately do happen from time to time." I think that says almost exactly what he was trying to get at and would not cause as much hysteria.

  2. Lovable-Bill

    As a sub holder, I still don't give a damn when it gets here as long as it gets here.

    • toyman

      Amen. Better late than never and as long as it's not busted. I can see being annoyed, but mad to the point of wishing to cancel subs or not purchasing in the future is just ridiculous. There are much better things regarding the Matty lines to be pissed about. Such as Snake MAA and no Gozer or Terror Dogs in the GB line yet.

  3. muldertp

    I got a shipping notice for an order number matching my 2012 sub order 2 days ago. It says its for $25.28…but I never got an invoice for that amount…

    Any idea what this is for? Early Sorceress, Shadow Weaver, error on Star Sisters? Is this a bonus or a dr/matty blunder again?

    • It's the Star Sisters. I can't find the link now, but Scott Neitlich said everyone would charged for the Star Sisters in two chunks. Bizarre? Yes. It had something to do with the way the sub system works.

  4. JediCreeper

    "We are offering a small free gift for GB fans because we canceled the entire annual subscription after some fans bought it."

    oh really? I'm one of those people… what are you apparently offering me? where is the announcement? it's annoying enough that I'm going to have to buy RTBY venkman as a single shipping figure (yay, a $30 taxi ghost)

    honestly, a company this old should have better pr. I'm still pissed about their amateuish screw ups, broken promises and inability to truly apologize… they are making a mess of their own anniversary

  5. Valo487

    I couldn’t agree more Misterbigbo. He acts like this has been a consistent problem, but aside from the launch of the line being delayed way back when there has consistently been a figure for sale on the 15th of the month since then. They had to move Vikor if I remember correctly, but every figure still got a slot and maintained it. They’re desperately trying to rewrite the lines history to make us seem irrational, but they’re basing it on nothing.

    I’m also really annoyed that as you said they still have yet to simply apologize for all the difficulties. I work in customer service, when a customer comes to me with a problem that originated with us, the FIRST thing I do is apologize for their inconveniance. We then do whatever we can to make it right for them, even if it’s a loss on our end, and believe me my company is not as big as Mattel. I wasn’t that worried about Demo-Man being delayed, it was a small hiccup, but what was a small hiccup has developed into a full blown hacking cough, and we’re consistently being made out to be immature or irrational for wanting a reliable shipping schedule for these products that we are LOCKED INTO BUYING. If a customer came to me and I basically told them to chill out and we’d sort it out at our conveniance I would be fired or at least demoted, because you don’t treat customers that you value that way, like they’re bothering you. But that’s definitely the impression Toyguru’s finger-shaking post gives me.

  6. misterbigbo

    Thanks for the heads-up on the OMFG and the Glyos. I just picked up the former and will be looking into the latter, especially for my kids. That just looks like a fun line that my son might really like in a year or so.

    And as for Toyguru's press release; it's the term "manage expectations" that kills me. Our expectations as fans originate WITH HIM in the first place. We weren't the ones who designed a line to ship monthly, we grew to expect it because that is what is advertised and has by and large been practice.There's no language in the Club Eternia description that reads products may or may not be available on time, people just expect them to be because that has been the practice. His claims that past delays portend a similar future is revisionist at best, insulting at worst.

    He wants a MOTUC that going forward can be forgiven for its delayed, flawed, or unwanted products, and he's tired of having to justify or explain why logistical systems set up or managed by him continue to fail. I get that. Ultimately it's a reflection on his ability to do his job, fair or not, and he should likewise manage his own expectations of fan responses. I suggest fewer public statements, more careful proofreading (or stop posting everything via a smartphone), and the use of the terms "apologize" and "sorry", neither of which have been typed by him lately.


    The Matty issues make me feel I made the right call skipping the sub. As a sub purchaser I’d be pretty irritated over these recent screw ups.

    Poe, I have multiple entries in the works. Just took some time scouring through some boxes for stuff to use.

  8. nerdbot

    Yeah… Wow. I also agree with Toyguru, as far as the content of his message goes. Yes, a delay of a month is not really a big deal. But his scolding, lecturing tone was completely off-putting. He really has a knack, when it comes to PR blunders, of turning molehills into mountains.

  9. Valo487

    I just read that post on the Matty forum. Toyguru’s speaking privileges should be revoked, I’m not even that upset about the Demo-Man delay, it’s the first time it happened so whatever, but the way he just downplays any culpability on Mattel’s part, while passively chiding the fans for feeling like they shouldn’t have to pay multiple shipping charges for product that Mattel is responsible for, I’m really sick of his attitude. I get that he’s a Mattel guy and isn’t going to say “Well we blew it again..” but I don’t even get the impression they’re sorry or feel bad for the inconveniance, they just throw their hands up and say “Well stuff like this is going to happen.” Since when? Mattel blew it on the shipping schedule not us, it is their responsibility not ours. I know things happen so I wasn’t even mad that Demo-Man got delayed, but I’m really tired of Toyguru’s attitude that they’re doing their best which they ARE NOT, and that we’re being unreasonable for expecting them to make it right for their customers. I don’t expect the city to pay me if I hit a lot of red lights on my way to work, but you can bet your ass I’ll be mad if the city suddenly decides to build an extra 15 red lights in front of my house. Are we supposed to be happy that we’re paying for Matty’s mistakes? They seem to think that we’re the ones with the issues. We signed up for your subscription slick, we wrote you the check for product we haven’t even seen, stop acting like we’re making your life hard.

  10. barbecue17

    I just ordered my set of OMFG. I love these guys and can't wait to add them in with my MUSCLES!

  11. I am really glad I don't collect MOTUC, if only for the fact that Toy Guru treats fans like dirt.

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