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  1. I love the new "Odds & Ends" pic.

    • nytetrayn

      Same here. I have that Mario! …two of them, in fact, each with differently-colored hair!

  2. toyman

    Interesting Mumm-Ra review. It was well written but I don't agree with many of his points. I think the switch to 6 inch was a bad move, especially after already being one wave into the line. If it had changed before production it might not have been so bad, but now a lot of people wasted money on an 8 inch line that won't continue. Plus, I just think 8 inch makes more sense. The vintage figs were larger scale than anything at the time so the classics should reflect that.

    As far as the individual figures go, Mumm-Ra appears to be sculpted well and his transforming bandages are a nice addition but not having the sword and dagger that the vintage figure comes with is ridiculous. Lion-O's goofy-ass half growling, half pooping expression isn't thrilling me either. I've been waiting for the 'Cats to get some classic style toys since MOTUC first came out but these aren't doing it for me.

  3. Giantdrunkenrobot

    Here's that GI Joe: Retaliation assortment list:

    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Blaster: Folding Carton: 3 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Blade Of Justice: Blister Card: 4 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Delta Vehicle Asst: Folding Carton: 2 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 10" Inch Battle-Kata Battlers: Platform Box: 3 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Alpha Vehicle Asst: Blister Card: 8 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Mask Asst: Box With Header: 6 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 3.75: Blister Card: 12 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Bravo Vehicle Asst: Folding Carton Closed: 4Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Snake Eyes Ninja Set: Folding Carton Open: 3 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Battle Kata Weapon: Folding Carton Closed: 3 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Ninja Showdown Set: Window Carton: 4 Per Case
    Gi-Joe Movie 2 Ninja Commando Blaster: Folding Carton Closed: 2 Per Case

    Not sure what any of that means really, but there you have it.

  4. Kevin

    Seeing that tiny Mumm-ra on MWC makes me sad. He should tower over He-man, not be shorter then him.

    • Mecha-Shiva

      Mumm-ra never met he-man!Also,love the mumm ra figure and i made him a cape that made him more awesome!Yay ,BANDAI!

    • Yeeeeaaaah…. and it looks like Poe even kinda posed him slightly hunched, too.

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