Interesting Tidbit About Those Mattycollector Sub Cancellations

I came across this on the forums (courtesy user “Neil”) and thought it was worth passing along to any of you who may be having (or will have) problems with your credit card authorizations on Mattycollector:

If you are a subscriber, it’s not enough just to change your credit card details. If you do that, it only works for all subsequent transactions. Previous purchases (like your subscriptions) are still tied to your old credit card number. In order to solve that you have to go into your Order History, find the order number for your subscription (probably the one “in progress”) and change the credit card details in there as well. It’ll show you the last four digits of your old card number and you can click on that to make the change.

Now I didn’t realise this until after DR had cancelled my 2011 and 2012 Club Eternia subscriptions. They kept telling me to change my credit card details, and I kept telling them that I had done so…. not realising that I hadn’t changed them in the one place they were looking. Now, it’s utterly their fault for having such a rubbish and non-intuitive system… but I’d rather play their game then have to get them to correct mistakes.

That’s a pretty useful piece of information that I haven’t seen Mattel or Digital River publicize anywhere.


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  1. Cythagen

    Odd question, but does anyone know if shipping method can be changed the same way?

  2. Valo487

    If someone took what Newton posted and said it came from Toyguru, I’m not sure I’d immediately realize it was a joke…

  3. Newton Gimmick

    And then all you have to do is drive to India (you must choose to forge the ocean or take the ferry, I say forge it because it saves a few bucks) then manually process your order in their computer systems. Then it's off to China (might take the ferry this time) where you must hand paint your MOTUC (remember these figures are hand made!) and then send it on it's way to the excellent shipping services of Newgistics. On your way home from China, feel free to stop in scenic Sparks, Nevada where your package will hang out for 3 days to 3 weeks, getting it's fine tuning in the special MattyCollector dust collection frustration method. Remember, you're paying nearly $10 for this excellent service. Then you can hand deliver it to yourself.

    If your figures arrive broken, first remember that these are just toys, second think about what you did that may have caused this and of course, remember that this has only happened to a very small portion of the shipment. It happens when you make every figure by hand and you should know that when you're supporting a small company like Mattel. This is MOTUC, not a giant line with many more resources like Glyos, which is why you can't expect the quality control to be as good. However, should you decide that you still want to burden Mattel's tiny offices with your pathetic toy problem, simply repeat the steps above, but this time in REVERSE and wait for a replacement or refund or neither, whichever comes first. Likely the latter.

    It's just THAT EASY to have a subscription to these wonderful figures that Mattel is practically losing their shirts to give to you fans who should just be thankful for even getting them in the first place.

    – Also, could someone who knows how to get ahold of him, tell Poe to update his story to reflect the proper facts?

    • Barbecue17

      LOL. Newton, I think Mattel's PR department might have a job offer for you. You might want to throw a few more typos in that statement, however, just to "seal the deal".

    • Tribsaint

      Almost right Newton you forgot the part where you have to go to Mount Doom.

      one does not simply walk into Mattel

    • Haha… that's great! I agree… more typos and this could be an official TG release! 🙂

  4. Caaarrrrlllll

    If people want to show their disappointment in Matty/DR's handling of things, a good idea would be to change your card ## and address for a short time en mass.

    Hit them where it counts, but still keep being able to get the toys.

    Me, I dropped MOTUC. It's this kind of 1995 AOL dialup sheet that pissed me off to no end. I'm paying you all this money, for toys, you asses can't even click your mouse twice more to see what's really up, so I have to go change everything twice? c'mon.

  5. "That’s a pretty useful piece of information that I haven’t seen Mattel or Digital River publicize anywhere."

    Well why would they? That would make sense.

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