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  • On their Facebook page, Funko posted the following note on Wednesday: “Today, I just feel like, “I have the POWER”!!!” Could Funko POP Masters of the Universe figures be in the works? I think it’s a definitely possibility, for two reasons. First, we already know Mattel and Classic Media are making a big licensing push for the franchise’s 30th anniversary. And second, I suspect it might only require a deal with Classic Media for the Filmation cartoon rights to make the POP figures. I’m thinking this is happening. And I’m thinking I will buy them all.
  • Pixel Dan has an extremely early preview of Playmates’s new cartoon-based Michelangelo figure (not the Classic figures, just to be clear). I don’t think the figures themselves are due out until late summer.
  • PGPoA sponsor DinosaurToyVault has a big lot of G1 Transformers on sale. He’s going to be doing a big marketing push for these, so be sure to buy what you want now before the rush. And don’t forget, I’ve still got plenty of stuff at my own e-store. Ahem.
  • I was contacted by Plastic Dreams regarding a new Kickstarter project: Rise of the Beasts, a line of Battle Beasts-like  figures that will have movement at the shoulders and removable weapons. They look pretty neat, though I remain a cautiously wary of these indie projects that look so much like licensed toy lines. Best wishes to them, they all seem like great folks doing good work, but I’d feel better supporting something more original. (Yes, OMFG is very similar to M.U.S.C.L.E., but it’s not like there weren’t little PVC figures before M.U.S.C.L.E.–e.g., army men or Marx figures. These other lines are clearly inspired by the iconic designs of Crystar and Battle Beasts.) I’m much more interested in Backyard Legends’ plans for figure dioramas.


Pic of the Day > Thundercats Classics – Lion-O by (Talyn)


Pic of the Day > Robo-Spidey Rocks Out by Fordigan


  1. Thrawn

    I really like that new Turtle figure. They look like a nice new take on the vintage toys, but they have a gritty feel to them too.

    Old, but new.

    The articulation looks decent too.

    Man, I hadn't planned on buying any more toys after motuc, but I'm going to have to buy the Turtle figures.

    We'll see about my finances, but I'm definitely game for the classics line and the line based on the current cartoon.

    We'll see when more is revealed.

    Bring on Leatherhead!!!

  2. caaarrrlll

    Wow, I've seen some of the Backyard Legends figures before, but WOW that diorama is looking great. Screw the figures, they should just make a bunch of different dioramas.

  3. I'm all over a Pop! Vinyl Skeletor! I can't see Funko going beyond He-Man and Skeletor, though, because they seem to stay pretty focused when it comes to anything but their biggest licenses.

  4. That review made me wish I had gone to Toy Fair to get that preview figure from Playmates. It looks so cool.

    • Monte

      Me too, but look at it this way: it's not like the Turtles figures will be scarce once they hit retail, and to have just one of them from now until next Fall would kind of suck, added to which much of the magic will have worn off by the time you could pick up the other three. So really, we're better off waiting. I'm just bummed that they won't be available this summer when I'd be able to buy them at retail.

  5. I'd say Funko MOTU figs are all but confirmed.

  6. Monte

    The fact that people are upset about the third toe on the new Turtles is embarrassing.

    I think I'm more excited about the new-design Turtles than the Classics versions. They're squat and stylish and just generally cool as hell.

    • Honestly I think they all look cool–though for the sake of my wallet, I'll probably only get the Classics.

      People are upset about a third toe? I guess the two-toe look is kind of how they've looked forever, but whatever, it's a new show.

    • Monte

      Yeah, Dan mentions the toe controversy in his review, which is the first-ever Pixel Dan review I've watched, incidentally.

    • Newton Gimmick

      The third toe looks stupid that's why people are complaining. It's the whole concept that's annoying. There was no reason for the change and they added it in last minute seemingly on a whim. They've had two toes for 25+ years. There's really no point in going in and adding a third toe. Complaining about it might seem stupid, but what does it ADD to the character or product? Nothing. So why change it?

      The good news is, it looks like a quick swipe of a razor will get rid of that third toe.

      Now I just wish I'd gone to Toy Fair to get that freebie!

    • Mark

      Playmates have done an amazing job with the new TMNT toys, can't wait to get them. 😀

  7. Mecha-Shiva

    Whoa,there's a Godzilla B-daman?!

    • There is! Nerdbot can you fill you in on that.

    • nerdbot

      Yeah, I don't know much about it. I picked it up at Toy Tokyo here in NYC. All I can tell you: It's made by Takara (so, authentic B-Daman?), and it's licensed by Toho Pictures (so, an authentic representation of Godzilla?). Copyrights are both 2004, but I just picked it up a few months ago. Inside is a card with Ghidrah (Ghidorah?) on one side (I think it might be a tiny version of a movie poster), and Rodan on the other.

      I don't know anything about B-Daman — I just thought it looked cool and fun. Which it is. Best 4 bucks I've spent in a while.

  8. Monkey boy

    Aside from that last picture, these guys don’t look much like battle beasts. Sure theyve got the animals in armor design but only the last image has the trademark squat proportions. They’re less like battle beasts than OMFG are like muscles, at least from an aesthetic standpoint. I for one am all about home grown attempts to reinvigorate nostalgic lines from the past, especially when the folks who actually have the licenses are doing crap with them. We keep being teased by battle beasts at cons but nobody is really committing to product, and what they show is pretty far removed from the battle beasts of yore.

    • Well, something's clearly coming regarding Battle Beasts–probably at C2E2.

      And the last pic on the page appears to be what the sculpts might look like, so that's the important one.

      It's not that I don't want cool toys based on our favorite toys of yore. It's not even that I don't think the efforts of these companies might be better than what the copyright owners would put out. It's simply that I a.) respect the rights of those copyright owners, b.) don't want these companies to get hit with a lawsuit, and c.) would be more excited about something original.

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