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  • The Four Horsemen tweeted the following regarding Frosta’s face: “Please spread the word. Paint job was a quickie so we could show her at Toy Fair. Tweaks are being made DDR.” I don’t know what DDR is…down da road?
  • To establish just how much I wanted a MOTUC Spikor, back in 2008 I was the one who started the official thread for him on He-Man.org. Four years later I finally get him. Note my concern for QC issues–and this was before we even got He-Man or Beast Man!
  • For the record, it has not yet been confirmed what figure(s) will come with the MOTUC-ized Keldor swords and Man-At-Arms Millennium-style arm cannon. There was speculation one or both would come with Snake Man-At-Arms, but Scott Neitlich shot that down.
  • But speaking of weapons, there will apparently be a third Weapons Pack in the fall. It’s possible the Keldor swords/arm cannon will be included in that (along with Draego-Man’s shield), though we’ve never seen original sculpts in a weapons pack before. If those three items were included, would certainly make for a bestselling pack.
  • The Wind Raider will return sometime around SDCC. I guess the hope is they sell well enough to convince management to greenlight something like the Battle Ram. Two thing on that: 1.) Fans will already be spending money on the SDCC exclusives, so, like last year’s Christmas release, people will be low on money when this expensive item comes out. Why not re-release during a month where, I don’t know, hardly anything is coming out–like mid-August, maybe?


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Toy Fair 2012 Roundup


  1. AmericanHyena

    I have yet to really be disappointed with a reveal. There are a couple items I wish I hadn’t spent money on (Luthor / Skeletor mainly) but all in all I really just think every figure has been a great toy.

    • Mario

      What happened to the stuffed Hyena avatar? Just curious, of course.

  2. Thrawn

    I like pretty much everything shown, though it's understandably underwhelming for some compared to the last reveals.

    Spikor looks fine to me, and I absolutely HATE Clawful and Buzz-Off's vintage heads.

    Frosta looks fine to me after hearing that her paint app was a rush job.

    My only complaint with Frosta is that she doesn't come with an ice blast. Excuse me? She has the same powers as Sub-Zero and Iceman, and you don't pack her with an ice blast? She just gets a wand and a repainted She-Ra shield?

    I'm not even a huge Frosta fan, and that tweaks me a bit.

    SNAKE MEN ARMY BUILDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally! I love the snakmen. They're my favorite baddies after Skeletor's group. I've wanted snake men army builders for such a long time.

    They each come with unique armor and FOUR individual heads.

    That's an awesome army builder two pack if I ever saw one. Definitely on board for lots of those bad boys.

    The 200x Skeletor swords are long over due and should have been released with Keldor. Mattel will get no thank you from me for finally releasing them since I should have had them almost two years ago.

    I never had a huge problem with Snake MAA, but with the additional pieces he looks like he's worth the money now.

    Overall, this was a pretty decent group of reveals for me.

    I'm digging this line as much now as I was when it started.

  3. Mark

    I always wanted a 200X Spikor, but I refuse to buy any MOTU figures until the classics or a movie/cartoon line comes out that can be bought in the shop where I can inspect the quality first hand…..so Mattel's QC would need to improve by then.

  4. fengschwing

    Windraider! Now with guns!

  5. Mario

    With you 100%. I'm so sick of reading about their B.S. everywhere I try to get some toy news.

    • Well, I sincerely hope I don't come off as whining. I try to be as reasonable as possible, but I'm also going to express my opinions.

      I think Snake Man-At-Arms is a very weak figure, but I think Sir Laser Lot is pretty good (except for all the blue).

      That said, I don't really spend much time at He-Man.org anymore, because the three-way war between the negativos, the apologists and the "they're just toys" crowd has rendered it very difficult to enjoy.

    • Mario

      Not at all Poe. You walk a pretty objective line, with the exception being that DC Direct Batman stuff. Man, they've to be paying you some sweet coin to love them figs. ; P

    • Mario

      "got to be", is what I meant to write.

    • What, the Arkham Asylum figures? Those are awesome! Not very articulated, but the sculpts are amazing.

    • 1ManzOhpinyon

      I was not speaking toward you, Poe. You're not "whiny", lol.
      I'm speaking more towards the general trend in toybashing (and most other things) to bash and hate. I can appreciate a "critique", but so many of these people are spewing venomous hatred towards the companies. They HATE the company and go on endlessly, but they're also the most loyal customers.
      That just seems really messed up to me and it's upsetting to see that most people don't see or share my point. Human decency has become endangered.

  6. 1ManzOhpinyon

    I'll be honest. The whiny fanboys are just killing this line for everyone else.


    It should be comforting news for the Frostaholics that the Horsemen made the statement regarding her paint apps. Call me crazy but I don’t think it’ll help die down the gnashing of teeth. Let’s cut the guys some slack. Yeesh.

    Spikor is a welcome edition but I feel his headsculpt landed closer to Clawful in execution than Whiplash or Beast Man. What I mean by that is with Whiplash and Beast Man their headsculpts were tweaked just enough to amp up their look from just a straight-up vintage interpretation.

    I don’t know about most but I’m hopeful that rehash of Sir Lazer Lot’s mace gets a spot in the next Weapons Pak.

    I fully agree with you on the decision for Wind Raider getting a re-release around SDCC time. August would be the perfect month for it to be slotted since it’s empty (as of now). I can totally see August being a re-release month to capitalize on the SDCC pub. It just seems to convenient.

    • Spikor's head is a bit too cartoonish, and I would have preferred a less cartoonish one, but I don't think he looks as goofy as Clawful. He looks Filmation-ish if anything.

      But then, I love Spikor so I'm inclined to be gentler to him.


      I fully agree, he’s a tweener notched closer to Clawful but not quite as goofy. The bonus I’m excited for is the interchangeable hand/tridents feature. I expect his bio to cover the loss of his hand similar to Trap-Jaw’s. This is something I hoped Fisto would get versus just the giant fist since his bio delves into his status as the previous MAA/Malcolm. Luckily the fist plugs into a standard wrist and isn’t a shortened forearm piece like Clawful so I’m able to take care of that via heat’n’pop with a spare hand. Fisto is pretty jammed-packed with extras so it’s understandable and I’ve heard the argument to my preference that Fisto loses his charm without the fist. Personally I like the interchangeability we sometimes get that allows us the option to capture various events during the MOTU timeline and/or the preferred look of a character.

  8. Dark Angel

    I am Trying! So! Hard! To Be! Positive! about this line, but…but, but, but…I swear it gets harder everyday. I love these figures! Some more than others, sure. But all the baggage that comes along with them is killing me, and others as well…

    • I've reached the point where, as much as I like these figures, I keep wishing for little things, like ball-jointed wrists so He-Man can do better poses with his sword…and part of me still wishes we could get ML-style versions of the Millennium figures.

    • Dark Angel

      It is awfully easy, in this hobby, to tear down things you really like because they are not all they could be. I completely see your point and agree, although my issues with the line run more toward customer service, QA, design and materials quality issues, with the "Why can't we have just a little more" as the icing on top.

      And, of course, while I would LOVE ball jointed wrists, right now I would settle on just having POA we are apparently losing on the females back!

    • I don't mean to "tear down" the figures for lack of the balljoint wrists. It's more that I've had the figures long enough that I've come to wish for a few extra features here and there.

    • Dark Angel

      No criticism intended! Poor word choice, I suppose.

    • No prob! I didn't really think you meant to say I was tearing it down, I just wanted to clarify my own position.

    • sos

      Oh how much I would love to get 200x figures with better articulation šŸ™ That would be mind blowing.

    • Dead Man Walking

      "and part of me still wishes we could get ML-style versions of the Millennium figures. " –Poe Ghostal

      I've never loved you more than I do at this moment.

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