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  • After last week’s surprisingly swift arrival of Fearless Photog, who shipped out on 2/16 and arrived on 2/22, my second sub–the one with the Sorceress, Fisto, Shadow Weaver and the map–has been listed as “in transit” from Nevada since 2/17. A cursory check of He-Man.org’s forums shows other people in the same boat. I like the take by Rob from Topless Robot: “It left Vegas on 2/20 and is now roaming the countryside, on some kind of adventure to find itself.” Once the option to change shipping is available with the subscription center on Mattycollector (whenever that gets fixed), I am switching back to UPS.
  • Over on his blog, Joe Amaro has posted an amazing MOTUC custom of the “Protector,” that bizarre “astronaut” cardboard cutout that was part of the original Castle Grayskull playset. He also posted new pics of his Ram Man custom.
  • BigBadToyStore has posted preorders (including singles) for DC All Stars waves 2 and 3. Wave 2, you’ll recall, will include Red Robin, Supergirl, New 52 Flash and New 52 Superman; but we now know wave 3 will feature Batgirl (version unknown), New 52 Batman, Hawkman (version unknown), and Steel w/ Hammer (I’m guessing it’s a re-release of the DCSH figure, but who knows?).


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  1. My Newgistics tracking finally updated with a stop in Indiana, and now it's in NJ. Whee.

    • Same here! For the main sub stuff and Photog. They shipped like 5 days apart and now they're moving simultaneously, which is strange…maybe? Or they just gather up whatever's supposed to go to the East coast after a week all at once. No idea, aside from the fact that Red Lion's been with me for a week it seems.

      No idea what to think about this, or if I should change to UPS, since last month Demo-Man and Star Sisters arrived on the same day after shipping on the same day, each with a different method.

      I've mentioned before, but buying 5 Star Wars figures, clipping UPCs, sending for and receiving a mail-in Boba Fett figure this month took less time than these figures have to simply ship to my house.

  2. Jack Static

    In regards to the MoTUC shipping, i’ve refused to use USPS from them since the one time i did use it, it took 3 weeks for my toys to arrive on a monday, and for some reason it required a signature, so i had to wait until saturday when i could get to the post office to pick it up since i work. sure it costs $5 more for ups, but i got photog last week on the 21st and sorceress, fisto, and shadow weaver on the 23rd. With a method to actually track the product. Something the newgistics site never properly featured (my package wasnt “trackable” until it was unsuccesfully delivered)

    I love fisto and weaver, sorceress is nice, the barrels are large but i have her posed in the window of the 200x grayskull, and photog is well…. He doesnt have a cracked lens, thats about the best i can say for him, he just never really excited me is all

  3. Barbecue17

    I'm really hoping that the Batgirl figure is Barbara Gordon in the new 52. I need more pieces for my growing BG Batgirl collection!

    My photog from Newgistics shipped fairly quickly, but I didn't remember signing up for USPS for the 30th sub. My reg sub is UPS and it arrived quickly, once Mattel actually shipped it.

    BTW, I love, Love, LOVE that Odds and Ends picture! So cool to see Hyena's mask from C.O.P.S.

    • turk4186

      haha thanks barbecue, i was hoping to win the contest with this one!
      maybe next time!!


    I feel your pain Poe. My Fisto and Sorceress are still wandering helplessly in Despondos.

    As far as wave 3 is concerned, I don’t question Batman’s spot in the lineup. What I do question is whether or not he’ll finally have the double joints he so rightfully deserves.

    • Kenneth

      Another vote here for the double-joints. If this new Batman doesn't get double joints, I'm defaulting to Play Arts for all my action figure needs from now 'til eternity.

  5. Pete

    I believe I recall ToyGuru confirming that Steel was a re-release during the Matty presentation at ToyFair. They also said something about trying to minimize rereleases, so here's hoping that Batgirl's a new sculpt! I'm guessing New52 Babs, but it could be Steph.

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