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In Futurama, by the year 3000 the word “ask” is pronounced “axe,” which makes me wonder how they pronounce axe. Unless they don’t have axes then, and that’s not a future I want to live in. (Well, maybe I would; some sacrifices could be made.)

Hasbro’s new Marvel Legends are pretty sweet. I don’t think I’m really qualified to do proper reviews, since mine usually boil down to “Here’s a thing I bought, and I’m relatively pleased with it.” (That and I’m all about characters: if someone like the Creeper gets a figure, I’m happy to have it, even if it’s not the best figure it could be.) Still: the Steve Rogers figure is great, definitely one of the best Legends to date. Ghost Rider is a good execution of a somewhat new and lesser known look for the character; and Hope Summers is a decent figure of a character I don’t like. Klaw and the Constrictor are both solid B, B-minus figures: maybe not as well done as they could be, but good additions to your villain collection. Extremis Iron Man will depend on how you like your Iron Men, though: he’s a bit thin for a guy in armor, even if that suit is more form-fitting and less bulky.

The Build-a-Figure Terrax is probably a little bigger than he should be: I think he’s usually about the same height as the Silver Surfer in the comics. Still, it’s an acceptable bit of dramatic or artistic license, and he looks great. I haven’t picked up the Thor in this batch yet, but he doesn’t come with a Terrax piece. Also, depending on your area, the variants may be easier to find than the regular figures. I don’t know what’s up with that.

Terrax’s rock actually is his: it came with his last figure, from the old Fantastic Four cartoon line from 1994 or so. It has a little pull-back racer feature that I really should try with the new one.


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  1. Mecha-Shiva

    Hah,bastards going to MARVEL Universe?Yeah,got a an orange variant ghost rider because i like the head but the body is floppy for me under those rubber clothes he has.

  2. fengschwing

    Yay! New Bastards!

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