Batman Wants to Crush Your Cities, Learn How to Love

I try not to shill too much on this blog, especially for specific products, but sometimes there’s something so awesome you just have to share it.

Somehow, Funko got it into their head to create a Shogun Warriors-style Batman. But it’s not just Batman, because that would be weird; no, it’s a giant ROBOT Batman. Meaning you can stand it alongside your Batman Brave and the Bold or BTAS figures as part of a display.

Standing 11 inches tall, this thing is available at Entertainment Earth for $36, which seems surprisingly reasonable for something of this size and degree of badassitude.



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  1. Captain Superman

    I think I may have to own this goofy pop culture spectacle.

  2. Dead Man Walking

    It's fun…in a "I'd pay $5 for it and keep it at my desk to goof off with when I'm bored" kind of way.

  3. misterbigbo

    The headache it would give me to try and explain what this is to anybody visiting. . .sheesh

    • Ah yes…"It's a giant robot Batman toy." I think you'd need a PowerPoint presentation to get the idea across. :p

    • Misterbigbo

      "it's a Batman robot based on a Japanese toy line from the '70s that otherwise had nothing whatsoever to do with Batman. And those robots were called Shogun Warriors, but had nothing to do with samurai warriors or a shogun, but were from the future. And those toys were three inches high and made of diecast metal, but this guy's a foot tall and vinyl. And he matches one they made of Gene Simmons. So, yeah."

      You cheeky bahstid.

  4. ridureyu

    Bored with how easy it is to evade Gotham's cops and crooks in the Batmobile, Batman has deciddwd to make his secret identity even more obvious…

    …By spending years funding a multi-million dollar project to build a gigantic mech, which he keeps parked at the mansion.

  5. Mario

    Being an avid Jumbo Machinder/Shogun Warrior fan, I recently acquired the Gene Simmons Vinyl Invader, & he's great, so when this was announced, I was really stoked to see that we may get a line outta this.

    • What does it feel like – i.e., is it heavy? Rotocast?

    • Mario

      It's rather light, actually, & quite low on articulation (just the arms & head move), but still, my kind of fun overall. I'd day it's soft vinyl. Obviously, the name of the line implies just that, but it's definitely not Rotocast, nor Sofubi-type vinyl.

    • Giantdrunkenrobot

      I'm having trouble telling if the chest logo is a decal, painted on, or molded and painted. Any insight on that based on your ownership of the Gene Simmons piece?

    • Mario

      I'd say it'll be painted, & the symbol will likely be raised from a depth-sculpted oval, for lack of a better term.

    • I have and reviewed the Kiss robot — — and I am getting the Batman robot. The paint blows, which seems to be true of all of Funko's work, but the sculpt is so cool that I ended up not caring that the paintwork is lame.

      Without even owning it I'm comfortable saying that anyone who loves the look of the Batman robot will want it on their shelf.

    • Mario

      Totally in agreement on the paint. I had to go through 6 specimens before finding one with DECENT paint.

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