Figure It Out #5 – Guesses & Winner

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Last week’s contest was probably the first one to actually get a few incorrect guesses, though they all had a common theme.

Here’s one reader:

I had a flashback in my brain as soon as I saw this pic!  I’m sure it’s the  Street Shark figure Jawsome. I went and found this info  “Street Sharks” is about crime-fighting half-man/half-sharks . It was produced by DIC Entertainmentand aired from 1994 to 1995, originally as a part of the Amazin’ Adventures lineup. How’s that work for ya?

A good guess, but not quite. But this reader has company. Another guess:

Is the figure in the picture a Street Sharks Night Fighters Stingshot Streex figure?

Keep up the jawsome work!


Is it a Moby Lick Street Sharks?

As you may have guessed by now, it is not a Street Sharks figure.

Four Poesters got it correct. The winner, chosen at random, was Poester and Power Pal Ben Leach:

It’s Sharkman from Legend of Sharkman, from Everbright Toys, I want to say from about 1995 or 1996, clearly an attempt to capitalize on the “success” (?) of Mattel’s Street Sharks.

I always thought it was more of a TMNT rip-off myself.

My favorite response was this one:

Aloha Poe,

I believe this is a Shark Man figure! If memory serves, he was produced by Maui and Sons, a surf shop. I remember being very excited to find this at a Kaybee toy store, and bought a Shark Man right away because he represented local surf culture here in Hawaii. There were more figures shown on the card, but I don’t think they were ever made.

I have a reader in Hawaii!

While the Street Sharks guesses made perfect sense (I expected some), this is a Sharkman figure from the Legend of Shark Man line. There were a few figures in the line, none as awesomely badass as the Prawn. A tiny, forgotten, but surprisingly cool action figure line.


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  1. Monte

    I nearly guessed a Street Shark myself, but I had to use google to even get the name of one of them, so I didn't enter; felt like cheating.

    I had the metalhead shark with the guitar; it appealed to my inner stoner in a way no figure had since Mondo Gecko.

    Also, I'll be sending some photos your way here in a moment. You, sir, are the best. I thank you.

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