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M1GO The Last Dinosaur Brown Tyrannosaurus Rex & Polar Borer

One of my favorite childhood films was The Last Dinosaur, a 1977 co-production between Rankin-Bass and Tsuburaya Productions* about a megalomaniac big game hunter and his attempt to hunt down a T-rex with footsteps like the sound of thunder, living in a lost world.

I plan to do a nostalgia-filled review of the movie for PGU at some point, but in the meantime a recent Web search revealed to me a brand-new holy grail: the M1 Last Dinosaur set.

Released in 2009 to commemorate the release of the Japanese DVD, this was a Japanese exclusive item. Given the otherwise complete lack of Last Dinosaur merchandise, I must own this. Even better, it comes with the Polar Borer vehicle from the movie! Krang totally ripped it off.

If you have any leads on how I could obtain one of these, please let me know.

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* Founded by Eiji Tsuburaya, the Japanese special effects wizard behind Godzilla and the rest of the Toho Monsters, as well as the creator of Ultraman.

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  1. Thrawn

    Dude! I love that movie! I'd love to have a T-Rex based on it. And that is a neat looking toy Poe.

  2. You can keep an eye out for it on, an English site that enables you to bid on Japanese auctions.

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