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Hurricane Hordak Bio
Real Name: Hec-Tor Kur™

After being released from exile in Despondos™ by Evil-Lyn®, Hordak® returned to Eternia® with his ageless army to once again claim its hidden magical properties for his own. Finding his former pupil Skeletor® on the throne following the apparent “death” of King Randor™, Hordak upgraded his armor with a Hurricane Blaster which he used to challenge the Evil Lord of Destruction™ and drive the Snake Men™ back into hibernation. After ripping through the walls of Snake Mountain™, Hurricane Hordak casts off his battle shield and advances on Skeletor whirling his thunderball mace!

This bio spends more time moving the story along than explaining the figure itself. That’s not as big a deal in this case, since the figure’s just an alternate guise of Hordak.

I’m a bit confused, though; Hordak returns from Despondos to find Randor gone and Skeletor on the throne of Eternia, so he upgrades his armor and challenges Skeletor while “driving the Snake Men back into hibernation.” How do the Snake Men figure into this? Has Skeletor defeated King Hssss and is ruling the Snake Men at this point?

If I had written this bio, I would have tried to give a little back story to the Hurricane Blaster. How did he make it? Where did it come from? Did he sacrifice anything for it? As it stands now, all we know is he “upgraded” is armor – which I do all the time in Mass Effect 3 by pressing “A.” So maybe that’s how he did it.


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  1. Thrawn

    Agree about this bio not being bad, but it misses a potentially cool opportunities.

    Eh, whatever. These bios all show a sad lack of imagination, innovation, and plain ol' common sense.

  2. Braystreet

    I don't even follow MOTUC and I know the explanation for this. Hordak had Doctor Light upgrade him from being a lab assistant in order to be able to combat the threat that Doctor Wily and his Robot Masters represent to humankind. He got the Hurricane Blaster from defeating the evil Robot Master that held it, Air Man.

  3. dayraven

    this is where good writers could have made a huge difference. why, for example, couldn't hordak have been a normal wizard, before fighting he-ro, and the techno abilities he's got now were actually acquired from exposure to the techno virus he-ro had? this is why horde prime exiles hordak, he doesn't want the infection to spread… but hordak uses his time in despondos to research the plague, and uses his magics to get control over it… hence he can "upgrade" himself w/ new mechanical abilities as he needs them. then to counter some power of skeletor's, like say a dragon blaster, hordak invents the whirling shield to direct he blast back at skeletor. the whirling thunderball (which really, as a toy, is a complete dud since it has ZERO range past the end of his fist) is in response to the thunder punch of he-man, etc… that would be easy to do, if you had someone who can remember what the team supposedly wrote in one giant writing session.

  4. Ridureyu

    With all of these variants being made, I wonder if they'll remake Disco Pimp Skeletor from the 2002 line. I loved that figure!

  5. If I read those spoiled pages from the second minicomic correctly, it seems that [SPOILERS – HIGHLIGHT TO READ] Hordak lost one hand in a fight with King Grayskull. Pretty lame explanation for the blaster, if that’s really the way they go with it.

  6. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    Mattel missed yet another opportunity here… They had Normal Hordak as the Preternian warlord. This could have been one of the following possibilities:
    a) The Etherian Tyrant Hordak who became a cyborg due to his near death Experience AFTER his fight with Grayskull…

    b)The rebuilt Hordak after Skeletor "defeated" him.
    (as read on Optikk's Bio)

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