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So I’ve made my choices for the three runners-up and grand prize winner for the Joker contest. Before we go further, I want to thank Figure of the Day for donating the Joker figure!

This was an interesting contest to judge. I feel like I learned a lot about many of you – in particular, your fondness for farts.

There are three runners-up, all of whom win a Poe Prize. Here’s the first of the three runners-up by Erin of Toy Remix:

Bruno Outland.

He’s obsessed with Lewis Carroll’s novel Sylvie and Bruno, to which his name alludes. He quotes from the book (and its sequel, Sylvie and Bruno Concluded) constantly, and all his crimes correspond with the books. Few criminals have ever posed so difficult a challenge for the Dark Knight, since no one – not even Batman – has ever read these things.

It should be noted that Bruno Outland never quotes from either of Carroll’s Alice works, a fact which already makes him unique in Batman’s rogues gallery.

I was an English major with a focus in British lit and I had no idea Lewis Carroll wrote anything other than the Alice books.

The next runner-up is Ryan, who gives us the trademark-ignoring villain “NicKillOdeon”:

He “Double Dares” Batman to solve his awful crimes. When Batman doesn’t know how to solve his clues he cues his killer slim. This “Out of Control” villian will make Batman “Salute his shorts”! Will Batman be able to find “The legend of the hidden temple?” Does the worlds greatest detective have the “Guts” to face NicKillOdeon’s powers he obtained from “Mr. Wizard’s World?” Ummm…..Hey Dude!

The only real question here is how Ryan could possibly miss the obvious “Total Panic” reference.

And finally, there’s this entry from Poester Shawn of

The Sock Broker.

Everyone has lost a sock at some point; not a pair, just a single sock, leaving the matching sock alone and useless. That’s the work of The Sock Broker. His victims are always confounded about how they could have lost just one sock. The Sock Broker brings the socks to his underground network of Sock Traders, where the socks are traded daily.

Here’s a scene of when Batman faces the Sock Broker (sounds better when using the Batman: The Brave and the Bold voice):

Sock Broker: “I’m going to blow your sock off, Batman!”

Batman: “Put a sock in it, Sock Broker! You can’t defeat the knee-highs of justice!”

I have to admit that dialogue makes me envision Batman in knee-high socks a la Alicia Silverstone circa Clueless…and that is not a pleasant image.

Anyway, time for the big winner!

It’s “The Shipper” by Jonesy!

The Shipper. Writes prose detailing the carefully researched romantic relationship between Batman and Superman. Mails this prose, in the form of stacks of printed copy paper, to the Batcave. Somehow, the prose always ends up sitting on Batman’s office chair at his computer, despite Alfred’s claims of innocence and the fact that the Batcave isn’t reachable by U.S. Mail services.

Batman’s attempts to hunt down and silence The Shipper have led him only to vacant apartments, bare save for a single computer open to a Tumblr page with Batman/Superman fanart and the words “MY FEELINGS” repeated ad nauseam.

Superman has refused to comment on the matter.

Well played, Man of Steel.

Congratulations to all who entered, and fear not – Figure of the Day and I are already cooking up plans for more contests.




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  1. Lebrick

    Um these villains did not make me laugh. Wasn't that the point of the contest?

  2. Newton

    Disappointed that Professor Flatulence didn’t win. The good news is DC loves him and he’s part of the new 52!

  3. Mecha-Shiva

    Hahah,Congrats to the winners!

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