Voting Begins for OMFG Series 2

Voting for OMFG Series 2 (series 1 review) has started over at October Toys. First check out all the entries on this page, then vote here (you’ll need to register for their forums to vote).

My submission – for a Poe figure (drawn by MechaShiva) – is #354. It’d be pretty cool if everyone voted for it, but follow your heart and all that. Still, you get to pick five, so…


Pic of the Day > K-O Cruiser by Prfkttear


Mattycollector/Digital River hacked?


  1. Wow! There are a TON of great entries here. I ended up saving them to a folder. Then I'll just go through them by process of elimination!

    I'm trying to keep a few things in mind here… how well they'll sculpt and translate to a final product, are they "outlandish" enough? are they too similar to existing OMFG, or just too generic, etc.

  2. Nik

    If anyone cares mine are #138 and #439, but they used the wrong image for 138. My entries can be seen here:

    • clark

      Thanks for posting the numbers, I tried to go through all of these carefully, but with so many I knew there were going to be a few I missed, and sure enough I don't even remember seeing these my first time through.

  3. Mecha-Shiva

    Well oky!
    Hell Toro:187
    Snake Girl:406 or 407
    Fish Tank: 169
    Poe:354(wink wink)

  4. Mecha-Shiva

    Hah,of course I'm voting for Poe,I also submitted some stuff like,Hell-toro,snakegirl,T-roids and Fish Tank.

  5. Nik

    Very excited for this. I have two entries in it, Underbed and Coughin' Coffin. I don;t think they will make the cut, but I sure am hoping.

  6. clark

    Wow, I just immediately went to the links and started writing down all of the numbers that initially catch my interest. I got to 354, and thought "Holy crud, that looks a lot like Poe's mascot! I wonder if he has seen this one yet?"

    So now I return, and then read your second paragraph….
    I think you can get my vote

  7. Barbecue17

    Love these guys!!

    I submitted my votes! (Got your back, Poe!)

    Seriously, there were so many awesome figures that I would easily take a pack of these guys a month!!

  8. What! How did I miss out on this? I would have loved to submit a design.

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