Battle Beasts Cont’d – Takara Beast Fight Revealed [UPDATE: Preorder at BBS]

While Diamond Select moves forward with their new take on Battle Beasts, TakaraTomy is indeed bringing back the original Beastformers as, at least according to one site, “Takara Beast Fight.” Go here to see the pics of the various figures.

It appears to have some sort of dice game element, which makes a lot of sense. So – are you in for Takara Beast Fight, DST’s Battle Beasts, or both?

Thanks to Pixel Dan for the tip!

UPDATE: These are now available for preorder at BBTS.


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Battle Beasts Concl’d – Mea Culpa


  1. stack32

    I like the sculpts of the Takara figures, but the game element is just too obtrusive for me to enjoy them much. I'll stick with minimates.

  2. ferris

    DST's Beasts may technically be Minimate-structured, but they don't look anything like regular Minimates. The only parts on the Ram promo where you can even tell it's a Mate are the elbow joints and I guess the shape of the hands, the rest is so heavily sculpted and doesn't have Minimate head or legs. So I don't really get dismissing them on that basis, but to each their own.

    I'll get the DST ones and some of the Takara, I wish they had longer legs though. BBTS is calling the line Beast Saga, rather than Fight.

  3. BBTS has these up for Pre-Order now, for anyone interested. I just Pre-Ordered a bunch. I couldn't resist. 😀

    The Marlin is so cool looking also! He, the Bat, and the Hamster are my favorites so far.

  4. Monkey boy


    You know as someone who loved BB as a kid, I was a little weirded out by how much I didn’t care for the diamond select mini-mate versions. But these are just ridiculously awesome. They’re exactly what I want in a battle beast update.


    That is all.

  6. Newton Gimmick

    I'm down for both. The Minimates Battle Beasts are much more interchangable and have a ton more articulation and they'll be available at Toys R Us. That's going to have a big impact, me thinks. I like the Takara ones as well, but I'll need to see more.

  7. Giantdrunkenrobot

    I am ecstatic to see these.
    I would have grudgingly shelled out for a couple of the Diamond Mini-Mate releases, and hated them for all but nostalgia's sake, as I too am simply not a fan of Mini-Mates.

    But all my monies are belong to these now.

    They really do make the Diamond releases seem superfluous at best and insulting at worst.

  8. clark

    I’m excited about the story element and tie in comic that will go with dst’s line. However, I’m not
    a fan of minimarts, so from a toy perspective these look better. In the end I would probably get some of both.

  9. Dead Man Walking

    The gaming elements don't interest me at all, but man these are really cool. I hope they DON'T get released in the states, because the last thing I need is something else to collect.

    I have no interest in Minimates, even if the BB line is probably the best MM late I've seen.

  10. Misterbigbo

    Now those look like Battle Beasts, and at first blush the price seems reasonable; I've had good luck with Robot Kingdom before.

    I'd like to learn more about the game and how many beasts are needed to play. That was one aspect of the original Battle Beasts my friends and I never got into. We knew people that played them like flipping baseball cards or the later pog trend, where winners would walk away with loser's beasts, but we never tried it.

  11. Ridureyu

    Yay, fish!

  12. kid nicky

    I guess I'll go with these, but import price will no doubt limit how many I get. DST's figures are just minimates (which I don't even like really) and they're an OK new cast of fighting animals, but they aren't Battle Beasts. They aren't quite as bad as say 98 Godzilla, but once you see Takara's, DST's look like a knockoff.

    I hope they make the vehicle base things too!!!!!

    • I've been trying to think of a good analogue for the DST Battle Beasts situation, and I hate to say it but the 1998 Godzilla is a good example – not in the fact that it sucked (i.e., I'm not at all saying DST's BB's are the toy equivalent of G'98), but in the way that it's the same basic premise as Godzilla but with a completely different execution in terms of the monster itself.

    • kid nicky

      Exactly. I don't think DSTs stuff will be total trash like GINO was, but once you see Beast Saga figures, it's clear which one is the "real" BB and which is just glorified fanart.

  13. I do not collect anything new except for Toynami's Futurama line right now, and I'm probably going to support this line 100% to completion.

    • Speaking of Futurama, did you get the Destructor? Mine's on its way.

    • Yeah, I got it a few weeks ago. It's incredible, and I'm glad I ordered it because I haven't heard anything about the future of the standard retail version that they were supposedly going to do.

    • Zach S.

      Wow. I had no idea that figure even existed…

      …and now I desperately want it! Thanks alot, guys…

    • Ooooh…that sucks. eBay prices are NOT GOOD right now.

  14. I can't afford all of this!


    Short answer: Both initially.

    Long answer: DST’s line appeals to me more because of the fantasy aspects/look although the vintage inspired sculpts from Takara’s tug at those nostalgic nerves. Both look great in their own way but I’m fairly excited for DST’s take and accompanying story. Whether there’s gaming options with one or both lines it doesn’t impact my personal preference.

  16. These just blew Diamond's Battle Beasts out of the water.

  17. I love the designs of these! The dice game element seems to make sense, like you said. It looks like maybe the dice plug into their chests to replace the rub signs.

    Those designs are really great. The Hamster rocks! I think I'll definitely be pre-ordering some of these.

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